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I have always been working in some sort of art.  Early on it was drawing.  Then there was fiber arts for many, many years.  So about 15 years years ago, I took a few classes and then started working in clay whenever I could at an area community school. Just love the feel of the clay and the ways I can manipulate the slabs and make a lump of clay come to life, and the surprise of what come out of the kiln...good or bad.  

The day has come for me to put the final piece of my studio together.  The kiln has arrived.  Got the slab roller more than a year ago.  Got some really cool storage for the slabs at Habitat Restore.  It it time to kick it into gear and get going!

For the past twenty years, my full time profession is that of restoring all manner of "fired dirt".  I restore broken pottery, porcelain and ceramic objects.  I put back together all sorts of broken messes.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to study the construction and glazes of many, many styles, eras or clay bodies.  But I am confined by replicating what should be there if it missing or inpainting any of the repaired areas.  (If you are interested, my web site for this is www.gustens.com ).


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