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  1. Daydreamer Arts

    Some items that I made in the past few years.
  2. Pots in Movies

    I also like to see the props in the movies. Have you noticed that there are some deco style ceramics that make multiple appearances in many movies of the 30's. Mark, sorry I missed your bowl in Humboldt....I actually did see the movie.
  3. More New Kiln Advice: Size And Shape

    Great topic as I am looking to have my very own kiln by the end of the year. I am new to this group and have enjoyed reading these posts. Maybe you have already done this. I had been thinking that I needed a much larger kiln until I visited a potter I know and saw not only the kiln, but the size and number of items that came out of his most recent glaze load. It was a very small kiln, but the results were similar to what I imagine I would want as a load of my own items. It was eye opening!!!! I like the L&L kilns but I am looking at the Olympic Medallion Artist line of kilns.