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  1. Our main studio where the restoration work is done is where I keep my slab roller and do that part of my clay work there. This building has its own heat and air...kinda like the ones hotels use. It keeps the studio comfortable. The kiln and glazing part is in the basement...which can be a little cold in the winter, but not unbearable. So no downtime. Though we do close for occasional snow days here in NC just because the rest of the town closes.
  2. lgusten

    removing e6000?

    That's really interesting. We repair and restore ceramics, plaster and some stone. Stuff arriving taped together is good! Seeing stuff already glued makes my eyes roll! Super Glue doesn't work well for our work except for a temporary stick while the long cure epoxy does it's job. The only thing we use acetone for is making our Paraloid glue for conservation work on museum type pottery.
  3. lgusten


    An artist friend of mine tells me that I must do instagram. I understand how your friend can feel a little depressed. I get a little out of sorts when I contemplate how much time I waste trying to figure out the social media thing. Sorry if I sound like a dinosaur....I do plan on taking up my artist friend's offer to explain it all for me.
  4. lgusten

    removing e6000?

    No dentures for us. So you clean your dentures with acetone ?
  5. lgusten

    removing e6000?

    This is what we do for a living....people glue things in the wrong place and bring it to us to make it better. We always start with soaking the item in very hot tap water, if that does not work, then bring the item in a pan of hot water to a boil and let it soak...sometimes it takes awhile. If boiling does not work, then pull out the paint stripper... Before you reglue, make sure all traces of the previous glue is gone.
  6. lgusten

    Seeking Advice

    Being compassionate is paying it forward....it may be one of us down the road that attends a class because we have some fuzzy connection to it. Sure hope someone treats us kindly.
  7. lgusten

    Metallic lustres

    I plan on it! Won't be for a while...but when I do I'll let you know.
  8. lgusten

    Metallic lustres

    This is quite interesting. Wonder if powdered pigment mixed in slip would work? Some have the same names as what you can buy for glaze additives, but there are a lot more pigments.
  9. lgusten

    first craft fair WWYD?

    Lots of great ideas here. For transporting, get free boxes at the liquor store. Like the birch stump idea for individual pedestals for your bird houses. A solid dark color cloth works well as a table cover...check your local thrift stores or Mom's linen closet. Best of luck with your shows!!!!
  10. Yappy, while I agree that those who are poor do not have an equal opportunity for higher education today, I think that not all folks that had the good fortune to earn a degree are bad because of their good fortune. Rather it is the artists, gallery owners, sometimes collectors who only value the piece of paper and do not accept those who learn their craft through different channels . This type of condescension reflects on their personal issues and their insecurities and not education. I was fortunate to attend college in the mid 70's with scholarships and grants (that would not begin to cover the costs these days). To please my family, I took art classes but did not major. My experience was a series of very condescending art teachers that belittled whatever we did. I was never able to afford to go back to college again....needed to keep the roof over head and eat. But I still had the fire....even without the degree...worked with textiles. Never gave up thinking about art as a career. Fast forward to 2001...I moved to Winston-Salem, NC....they have a community art school, Sawtooth...they teach ceramics. I was able to take some classes to learn basic techniques, asks questions, pursue some of my own ideas...and ask more questions. Everyone I worked with was willing to help anyone move along on their artistic journey. So I would call this art education invaluable. Informal only if that means no degrees offered but the education is key to my basic understanding of the craft. Now it is up to me the learn the nuances...find my voice....listen to other potters ...and not worry about the piece of paper.
  11. lgusten

    Non EZ-Up Tents??

    Very good point about removing the tops. I would still contact the promoter for clarification of their rules.
  12. Finally was able to fire the new kiln yesterday.   Would not fire...just gave  a strange error message.  The problem was the  Genesis controller was wired incorrectly.  With help from Steve at Bartlett...changed 2 wires and it fired right up.  

    1. Min


      Glad you got it working! I love my Genesis controller. With my last glaze firing I had a "Fail" warning come up when one of the thermocouples went. Knew straight away that there was a problem.

    2. lgusten


      Thanks, Min.   I feel much more comfortable.  It was actually good to experience this issue and have to fix it.  Felt more in control of the controller:D

  13. lgusten

    Non EZ-Up Tents??

    I would also assume that they mean no tents or canopies. If you have ever been at windy event site...when your tent or someone else's becomes airborne it can destroy your work or whoever else's booth it hits. When in doubt always call the show promoter. They might not realize that the language in their packet is a little confusing.
  14. lgusten

    Home Insurance and potters

    Checked with my insurance agent....State Farm in NC does not care about an electric kiln. It is covered under my personal property.
  15. lgusten

    Home Insurance and potters

    Thank you. We are OK. We got about an 1" of water in total.....small amount compared to what others are dealing with. The water coming in showed us where the problem with the foundation was. We sucked up the water and patched a couple of holes and it held. For a short time, though, I was a little panicked. It did make me think about if the house were to burn (which the insurance should cover), would the fact that I had a kiln and had not told the insurance company about it invalidate any claim I made.

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