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  1. Nice little collection!
  2. I would like to be able to work larger but do not at this time have the skill to do that on the wheel. One reason I prefer that is that I do not do this as a business and am interested in narrative decoration that doesn't cause me eyestrain.
  3. I just typed "ceramics shops in Morocco" into Google, and things come up. You won't have any problem gathering info on this if you have a half hour to spend on the internet. Have fun!
  4. This work is hard on a sad heart, but he knew it would be you doing this, ultimately, and likely found that thought a comfort.
  5. Is the existing toilet handmade? I would weigh the cost of your effort against the cost of a new toilet.
  6. I am the second least computer literate member here , so my suggestion may not be the most efficient.. You could send the photo to yourself, then download the photo to your computer, then post it on the forum.
  7. I would love to be able to be able to make a symmetric pot on a banding wheel. The spending habits of the wealthy differ from country to country. In some places, people spend vast amounts of money on celebrations of family events. I remember reading something a couple of years back about places where people would buy a mastiff dog for a million dollars. Of the people I have encountered who have $1000 or more to spend on something they don't really need, I think it would go toward overseas travel or home remodels.
  8. How fast are you actually spinning your banding wheel? I cannot imagine getting that symmetry of form on a banding wheel.
  9. This vessel wouldn't work for this purpose because of the size of the thing, but religious Jews before meals do a sort of ritual hand wash that involves pouring water over one hand and then the other with a three-handled pitcher, or with two handles 120' apart, called a laver.
  10. This could well be completely random. You know how if you toss a fair coin one hundred or more times, you will tend in there to get a string of heads or tails? This could be like the string of tails.
  11. Whenever there is a question with a very dominant answer, I like to ask myself what situation could turn the answer around. I know that Louise Nevelson was an abstract sculptor rather than a potter, but her body of sculptural work, at least after her earliest beginnings, was painted black. She made a few all white pieces and a few gold, but she spent her career exploring form in black. There are creative people who find it intriguing to work under a constraint, though in her case she simply felt that black contained all colors.
  12. Crafts fairs looked so different then than now. This is what I remember so strongly. There was an informality, and each vendor looked like he or she was set up at a garage work bench and brought the stuff out for the fair. There was no polish, no professional looking displays, no branding, no name tags, no business cards. It was all very earthy and in a sense romantic.
  13. You can replace the hats! If I am outdoors, I am in a hat, and often also indoors if I am away from home. My favorites are a red boiled wool hat with a "floral" band and black rim and a wide straw hat with a black band. I wish I had started on hats sooner.
  14. On July 4, 1976 I was at Plymouth Rock, watching a small town parade. I was between my first and second year of graduate school, working for the Summer at a think tank in New Jersey, and living in Manhattan. It was my first time living in the East, so I took the opportunity to check out bicentennial things in Massachusetts and in DC. But in terms of crafts fairs, I remember well the look. I lived for a number of years across Live Oak Park in Berkeley, where an annual crafts fair happened pretty much right outside my front door. There were no fancy booths, lots of pottery and leather (sandals and belts), beads, and such, and people looked either like Mark (but maybe not with shirt tucked in) or like me, which is to say long hair, tie-dye, funky...
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