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  1. You will get excellent technical advice here from people who are truly knowledgeable, but also don't forget Youtube on this. I have seen very good short videos about exactly this. I am not highly experienced, but I have to say that I always use, and love, the Amaco velvet underglazes. They have a matte texture unless you glaze over them. I usually use Amaco Sahara clear for a soft non-glossy finish. That is an interesting piece with its textured branch segment and leaves. What ill this be part of? Is there a hole through the branch?
  2. Happy Father's Day, Dads.  May you enjoy your favorite beverage out of a fine mug.

  3. I agree with Johnny K. on this. Positive emotion and feeling part of a team typically enhance productivity. So do opportunities to learn new things (rather than to sustain a single routine over the long haul) and opportunities for autonomy within the work environment. One acronym I have seen for this model is PERMA: Positive emotion, Engagement (response to an environment of interest and opportunity), Relationships, Meaning, Achievement (achieving goals and targets through use of the strengths a person most values in himself/herself)
  4. Anything I have that is special, whether something I have collected or something left from my parents or my husband's parents or anything of sentimental value, I have entered on a spreadsheet with a physical description in one column and an explanation of why it matters in the other. Some things are entered in groups, like "Lithuanian houses," or "Mama-made paintings." I did not always do this, but we went through this when we updated our will.
  5. I purchase or am given ceramics now and then as well. When my children were young we attended an annual holiday arts and crafts fair where my husband and kids had a maybe ten year ritual of heading off to a booth that offered Lithuanian clay houses to choose a holiday gift for Mama. These houses were intended to enclose a candle or perhaps incense as part of a Christmas display, though the houses did not say Christmas in any way otherwise. Each year I would open a couple of parcels that would show me the houses the kids chose for me that year. I love them and have them out all year round. My sister in law for many years lived in Asheville SC and often sent pottery to someone in my family as a holiday gift, before shipping got so absurdly expensive. For many years too people often sent me clay pigs of the sort that have long been popular in Mexico and South America, either round and brown with three legs or with flowers painted on their sides. In the last decade or so I have purchased ceramic sculpture for myself on some occasions I wanted to commemorate, like my 60th birthday or a memorial. I have several pieces by one artist and one by another whose work I saw at a local Summer arts fair where neither shows anymore, but I have their cards.
  6. Gabby

    Making an Urn, Help

    Andrea, why when you wrap around the covered PVC pipe does the clay not crack in shrinking? Are you saying the newspaper has enough give to prevent that?
  7. Preeta, in dipping glazes, I tended to be too fast, because my teacher scared us into over-caution to protect her kiln shelves. Now I much prefer brushing on glazes, but that is probably impractical for people doing production work.
  8. If employees are quitting, the combination of their pay, what they are asked to do for that wage, and other aspects of work conditions are probably less attractive than what they expect to get doing other work. Or it's not as compelling to the employee as going back to school or something. I know the job market is pretty local, but jobs just are not as hard to find right now in a lot of places as they were a few years ago. So the question isn't so much how much a person can theoretically do sustainably hour after hour week after week as whether doing that for you seems a better option to the potential employee than the person's other options.
  9. Gabby

    Making an Urn, Help

    How big was the coil you started with and how tall are these? I would like to try this as well.
  10. Gabby

    What are the pitfalls?

    Could you post a photo of your altered bamboo spoon?
  11. Gabby


    What a handsome table. My favorite is the leafy bowl with the pineapple, the shape and the glazing. I am glad too that later in this album you showed your jar toppers, because I hadn't been able to figure out what that term meant when you shared the picture of your busy fair booth. It was kind of like when a friend in South Africa told me she was sending me "milk jug covers" and the term was foreign to me.
  12. Gabby

    Greenware vessels, push molds, glaze test pitcher.jpg

    My favorite is the white pie dish. Are the ones in the bottom right destined for a mosaic?
  13. You have gotten lots of good advice, I think, on scoping out your local market. If you were thinking of selling overseas, it would be worth your time to look at what sells overseas in the way of hand-painted pottery with intricate designs. I live in a medium sized city where my local mall has a store that markets hand-painted very inexpensive painted pottery items of all sorts painted in Turkey with such designs. One can also buy that online (say, via Amazon) with free shipping. Polish Pottery is sold here at a variety of fairs, usually one booth at any show. And then there are the big chain stores, national chains, that sell many things, including imported painted ceramic ware. Some of these stores, which you can find online to see what sort of patterns they think sell at the price point of their customers, are Pier One, Cost Plus, Anthropologie, and Pottery Barn.
  14. Gabby

    Green emerald mist vase side1.jpg

    This is very interesting, including the way you have done the exterior glazing. I love red clay. When I hand-build something tall, though, it typically warps.
  15. My favorites are the blue-black mugs and the candle holder.

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