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  1. Hey thanks for the info. Looks pretty informative.
  2. So Glad to be a part of this great group of potters.

  3. Fascinating how many famous potters I have followed over the years. I love to watch them work and review everything they have made. When it comes down to picking one though, I have to pick Greg Brantman. My High School art teacher who gave away all his knowledge whenever I asked and is one of the best potters I have ever had the opportunity to watch shape clay. He is retiring this year, I think. He has shared a lot with many a student. I noticed from this post that most of you picked someone near and dear who took the time to encourage and add some flame to an already burning creative fire. Thanks to all the not famous who make a big difference in our ceramic world!! Thanks for asking~
  4. We can pick Dead people? I prefer the ones who are still breathing. I am hoping that I might still have a chance to bump into them one day. Karen Karnes, Don Reitz, Don Ellis and Randy Brodnax, Greg Brantman. I am thinking it is very hard to pick just one. Had a load of fun and great info from Robin Hopper at a workshop so maybe lean toward him if I have to pick just one.
  5. I hope they realize that they have uncovered the scrap pile and not the good pots!! I think they will wonder why there are so many throw aways when we are living in a world of finite resources. Think of the clay and Cobalt and Tin in those discards.
  6. I am similar to the Idaho potter. Genearlly in a good work week five days. They are never the same five days and I work early morning till well into the night somedays or just a few hours on others. I would like to figure out more consistency as well and better organization. I have stopped checking my web site and e-mails first thing in the morning since this really blows my schedule not to mention my karma!!