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  1. Rae Reich

    Firing Pots With Lids

    Whoa - I never knew this, but it makes sense.
  2. I worked with a male potter, short with potter muscles, who made tall slender mugs with narrow extruded handles. I'm a average sized woman of slender build who makes sturdy, broad-based mugs with beefy handles. Go figure. My non-ware work, tho, is definitely more feminine looking as it usually decorated with freehand drawn and carved floral designs.
  3. Rae Reich

    Firing Pots With Lids

    Nice chatter!
  4. Rae Reich

    Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    Gasp! That's beautiful! Did you photograph it! What is it? Wouldn't that be a great glaze effect?
  5. Rae Reich

    Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    I like your little cups and their glazing. My advice is to mark the obviously flawed as seconds so that the low price doesn't preclude higher prices as you improve. (Seconds have flaws but can still be used for their original purpose, thirds can no longer be used for their original purpose but might be re-purposed (this is that gorgeous pot with the blown out bottom that would still look great in the garden among the ferns). Please yourself when making things, for now, and be glad if you can get this obsession to pay for itself. You're very lucky to have a built-in and enthusiastic marketer/market!
  6. And a cart or dedicated area for kiln shelves and posts. Will you be storing a lot of clay for students? Is that a common thing that's done there? (As opposed to having them bring it in as needed.) Or is that area for the clay you reconstitute?
  7. Would it be possible to have a medium size gas kiln in a shed in the yard with the raku and pit? The gas line is tempting.
  8. Can you buy it dry and mix up as needed? If they make it themselves it would be reasonable that they sell it dry as well as wet, certainly for shipping. Good luck.
  9. Rae Reich

    1st pots in 30 years

    We have threads for this.....
  10. Rae Reich

    Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    I agree with this, didn't say keep everything. Really. Many suggestions for recycling pots in other threads. My mother kept one of my first year mugs on her counter for the rest of her life. 25 years I had to rethink that decision. please smile
  11. Rae Reich

    Firing Pots With Lids

    Ah, the tap tap tap of releasing lids on unloading day! Even with a fit that is not tight and a gallery and lid that've been waxed well, stoneware especially wants to grab a little. I like to use the handle of an old 4" house painting brush, held loosely. Mark described the technique - just want to add that you hold the pot by the lid Just Above a Table or Your Lap and don't tap on the thinnest part of the neck. I have known stubborn lids to spontaneously Ping open on the (top) shelf years later!
  12. Yikes! I pictured ten cylinders that were 10" tall and of the same (10") diameter! THAT would be a challenge
  13. Rae Reich

    Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    Yeahbut... every dud piece is a potential test tile too. Better to experiment on anything that will stand up (as long as you can afford the kiln space). Then when nicer pieces are ready, you'll have a little repertoire of successful glaze techniques to use on them. Of Course you'll throw away anything that might embarrass you
  14. And never let it bend during construction - clay remembers those bendings during the firing.

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