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  1. Rae Reich

    Another new B

    By Jupiter...!!!
  2. Hmmmmm well, just to finish up this diversion, I was surprised to find out about a 2017 show and subsequent book on Gauguin's ceramics! - Gauguin: Artist as Alchemist
  3. Yes, more necessary for hanging, tho. Callie, love your smushie mug surfaces!!( Haven't figured out how to Tag yet)
  4. Are you referring to his personal life or his work? The most annoying thing about Picasso, when I was a beginning art student, was that nearly everything we thought of doing seemed derivative because Picasso had already done it! He did paint a lot of crying women.
  5. Rae Reich

    My glaze has tiny cracks across the surface

    Or you can use hibiscus tea (learned inadvertently).
  6. Rae Reich

    Another new B

    Have you considered fuming to get the metals deposited? Don't know how "thick" you need the layer, but if it needs to be recoated after use that might work.
  7. Rae Reich

    Another new B

    Mercury deposits as by-products, you think? Or deliberate installation? This is a very curious puzzle.
  8. Green Mason stains are tricky. Some particularly won't work as well as others with your overglaze. Do some tests. Nice mermaid, will go well with crab dip! I like your sachets, is the idea to stuff a net bag of aromatics into the large hole?
  9. If the ink has iron or other metallics, it might not all burn out but leave a shadow. Very poor studio management, to let the pots be stamped that way, maybe the stamper was told not to handle the pots and, hopefully, the ink is made of non-metallics.
  10. Thanks for that video and article, Preeta! Nagel demonstrated to my JC Ceramics class in the mid-seventies and inspired us all. He was just starting to use alternative finishes. Seeing his punny titles reminded me that he inspired me to name one of my teapots the "Two Cup Treepot" and also to use low-fire bottled glazes (old lady ceramics back then in the age of ^10) on Raku to get those bright reds, yellows and oranges.
  11. You could line the raw clay form with a thin baggie and pour in a measured amount - if it doesn't fit, you'll know before you overfill. Then you wouldn't need to wet the form or weigh the baggie. Good luck!
  12. Rae Reich

    Another new B

    So this is the woo-woo part - your inspiration is ancient/old stone carvings that "describe" the activity you're trying to reproduce? How did you come to see this? Sounds like von Danikin/Ancient Aliens territory not that I'm judging. Curious and fascinated, tho.
  13. Rae Reich

    Another new B

    plastic inlays? You need the interior of a ceramic tube to be perfectly smooth? Or are you referring to the channels left from the snowflake?
  14. Rae Reich

    Another new B

    For finer sanding, use a green 3-M "pot scrubber". Do the pieces need to be super-smooth/polished?

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