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  1. Raku Question

    Hi, Lee I say throw/slab/whatever a whole kiln load. Big and little, flat, round, tall and skinny, being mindful of needing to lift it at a distance with tongs (tho, if it's huge you can get help). Choose what to take at the last minute and then bring along a couple of spares. The rest of the clay probably won't be wasted. If you don't come away from the experience just desperate to find a way to do it again, I'll eat a bug. Rae
  2. Well done! Nice use of the hem gauge for scale! My friend, the professional seamstress, had all her employees save their hair cleaned from combs and brushes and she used it for pin cushion stuffing. Many of us know that running your needle (or diaper pin - that's how old I am) through your hair helps it to slide through fabric due to hair's natural oils.
  3. Slip Dipping Small Wasp Nests?

    I think those are honeycombs, which are wax already and can be easily cast. Famously done by Minoans.
  4. Assuming Chilly means 'throw the foil in the bin,' I vote for this. If you love the raised rim, and I think you do, use your palettes as is, covered in foil.
  5. I am so doing this in my house! Is 20' hose the max for good suction? Is the unit less loud than a shop vac?
  6. Looks like a potter would be a valuable member of the community! I have (somewhere) a copy of a 1700's engraving of an itinerant potter hauling a great net of pots and mugs on his back and singing (rough translation) "I love to hear the sound of breaking pots".
  7. Since I am not doing functional it was hard to find ceramics in action in my Italian house. But maybe the fruit bowl will do? Evelyne 20161013_121434.jpg Your fruit bowl is perfect form/function. I like doing cutouts too. Is that a PEAR? Italian style?
  8. I like Matthew's solution best. Bisque fired press molds. You can use porcelain bisque for a smooth surface, though I think it dries more slowly between pressings than stoneware, you can always warm them up. Slip casting is only faster if you have lots of molds.
  9. Beautiful - reflection of the crystals around the rim in the brocade mat!
  10. Transporting Ceramics

    Unless your pieces are packed in a wooden crate, it's helpful to reinforce the box top-to-bottom at the center of large boxes, in case of pressure being applied there. Make an X or tubular column of corrugated cardboard with the ribs running longwise. Also, the "two inches on every side" rule includes top and bottom. I would not trust crumpled newspaper as packing, especially for heavy pieces. If you crumple it really densely it no longer has cushioning value, and shipping/shaking heavy pieces will likely crush newspaper still further, reducing its cushion and increasing shake-space. My advice is to go with bubble wrap, peanuts and airbags. If you use peanuts surrounding a pot in a box, put the pot in a bag first so the peanuts don't shift into the pot.
  11. Fixing Broken Pot

    The more space you create between shards, with colorants, dust or epoxy, the harder it will be to fit that last remaining piece. The liquid Super/Krazy glues take up the least space. There are directions in teeny tiny print for joining non-porous (high fire) clay. If you do put something pretty in the glue, be prepared to do some careful grinding for fit.
  12. Spray Gun For Glaze

    There are 8 oz plastic storage jars made by Oster for their blender. Square-based, they accept Mason jar lids and are very sturdy. On Amazon for $6-7.
  13. A large expanse of crystals, undercab lights essential! Beautiful!
  14. The very reason I've been reluctant to plumb my bird baths! Seems cruel to lure the birdies down to cat range :/. Nice, Marcia. I love the turquoise and terra cotta combo.