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  1. Identifying Clay Body

    lol, again! As a beginning student assigned to do a "process piece" in which the work would demonstrate the process, I thought it would be fun to overfire a pile of extruded strands of white and red earthenware. The idea was premised on the belief that ^06 clay would surely melt together at higher temps. So my "process piece" was at least a learning experience. One wag in class brought in damp, roughly formed "turds" on a paper plate, explaining that he had fed his dog some porcelain and then followed him around to collect the "extrusions" (He later helped form the band Suburban Lawn.)
  2. Parian kiln firing question

    My first exposure to Parian was in reference to the material used for doll's heads and hands. Might there be useful information from doll making sources?
  3. Glaze issue

    Well done! Meticulous work and continued experiment.
  4. Mold making Problem

    Oh, duh! What was I thinking? Of course it wouldn't absorb water. But you could duplicate your master in plaster, just-in-case. Sorry for the brain-blank.
  5. Mold making Problem

    Would depend on complexity and thickness of casting for a peel-off one-piece. They can also be two-or-multi-part molds.
  6. Mold making Problem

    I have been learning from my 16 yr old granddaughter the modern way to make molds. With a silicone mold kit for under $50 at Amazon you can brush a 1/4-1/2" thick coat of silicone. When it's cured, but before you remove the mold you make a two-piece plaster coat about 1" thick to keep the silicone rigid when you pour into it and for storage. The silicone can be peeled from your master without damaging it. Saves a LOT of plaster weight. The products we've been using are by SmoothOn. They have many useful videos on their website. Granddaughter sculpted a wolf mask for Halloween and made the silicone/plaster mold herself following the videos. I cast it in resin for her for the mask.
  7. Getting zinged by bisque

    Magic water? To keep the amount of clay to a minimum. It's a beautiful idea!
  8. This is a better idea if you must run a chain through a bead. The roughness of even smoothest porcelain is abrading the metal from the chain and could eventually remove quite a bit of a soft material like gold. What looks like a stain is rubbed-off gold.
  9. Shipping season really?

    Thanks, @GEP and @Mark C.! Funny how a little thing you've done for years can be so useful when shared. Mea, you've made me pretty pleased to be mentioned in your blog. Your packing and description are as elegant as your pots (love that stainless steel teapot handle).
  10. Thanks, Lady! Just spent some quality time exploring your Kim Kirchman info. Seems like something similar can be done on bisque, per Preeta's video. Back to the original question, tho, for a form of tracing paper similar to graphite transfer, but with underglaze, wetting the whole transfer wouldn't work. A dry process is what is wanted.
  11. Kim K Red flower prints 007

    So it's like painting behind glass - you lay in the highlights first and work "backwards"? Still leaves room for improv. I like this very much.
  12. printing bright colors for the first time

    Breathtaking! Thanks!
  13. $15 for 6 9"x9" sheets seems expensive to this stingy potter. I would be trying to make my own by coating various papers with underglaze to see what would both hold the material and release it. First I would try regular tracing paper and then spray on hairspray as a fixative. There's an acid free paste for paper that doesn't wrinkle it called Yes! (Amazon) that might make a good medium for the underglaze. It doesn't make the paper too stiff to bend around a pot.
  14. I've never seen anything like this - is it an Italian product? What is it usually used for? I like the design.

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