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  1. Even better! Can you run your waste line outside for filtering? How big is your line, MarkC?
  2. I made chess sets for my grandsons, years ago. Pics are archived without reference
  3. Having participated in cleaning out an underground clay sump (yuck, whew, blech), I can advise you to have a lift-out bucket no larger than 5gal in a sink trap configuration and clean out often.
  4. Ah, I have many. Each holds a memory for me, from beginning fellow students, trades with other potters, admired artists and teachers. Most are cups and mugs, some larger serving pieces, some sculpture I've been wondering what the best way to catalog/document The Permanent Collection. A note inside or bottom? Photo album with notes? Video tour? What do you guys do or recommend?
  5. Wouldn't that crackle pick up the ink if it had ever been used for brush washing? So, probably a traditional form, maybe part of a nice "presentation" desk set. Too nice to use. Just seems like an impractical form for that type of deliberate glaze technique.
  6. Rae Reich

    Employees vs Productivity

    Maybe an apprentice program, where you plan to release them after a set time. Or offer the opportunity to make their own work.
  7. Rae Reich

    Canopy for art shows

    Oh, please someone draw the few short bunnies holding the bar to the post! Lol My old eyes often deceive me.
  8. Rae Reich

    Bisque temp for raku

    "Eternally evolving" was cancelled? I didn't get that memo.
  9. Rae Reich

    Bisque temp for raku

    Yes, I'd say your hairs are split to their finest! Isn't there a difference between being inspired by an aspect of a culture and stealing it? Especially in our field, where it truly is built upon the world knowledge of most other cultures. A tea bowl is a handle-less cup from which tea is drunk. A chawan is much more specific. Our terminology is both old and new, as are our techniques and equipment and science. I love being a potter today. From the very nice history article link you posted: "The tradition is not only to be maintained.What is essential in the tradition is eternally evolving through eyes of the present.What matters are those eyes that could perceivethe tradition from the present perspective, whichis a very proof of our existence."
  10. Rae Reich

    Bisque temp for raku

    Until some "food stylist" decides to serve tomato and lemon slices on them :p
  11. Rae Reich

    Making an Urn, Help

    Ideally, slip should be applied while the piece is still wet, and not after leather hard. You want the slip and clay to dry together at the same rate. Your porcelain slip should mature at the same temp as your base clay.
  12. Lovely throwing demo! Found myself holding my breath during the long first raising pass of the last big piece, then slow exhales on the shaping passes and big smile for the collar/shoulder mastery. Note: the temporary plug on the freshly thrown form keeps air inside to hold its shape for moving.
  13. Rae Reich

    Gas Kiln Completed

    Lol, eyebrows will grow back! Congrats on a good test fire.
  14. As Mark C says, it looks like the clay in the thickest part of the mold, at the transition from bottom to side, is drying most slowly. If you don't want to shave the mold, maybe extra compression with a rib in the problem area before the clay dries enough to pull away from the mold? Is the earthenware taking a lot longer to dry than the stoneware? Perhaps it needs to be in a wetter state than stoneware to jigger well??
  15. If it's not happening with stoneware, I'll suggest that the absence of grog in the earthenware makes a difference in the evenness of drying. Your form is jiggered in a way that creates thick walls next to thinner walls and the stresses are showing where it cracks, with the more dense earthenware being less forgiving.

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