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  1. AndreaB

    Slab vase

    Yes, but not much otherwise it drips and runs
  2. AndreaB

    Slab vase

    Slab stoneware vase with attachments and carvings. Sprayed underglaze
  3. AndreaB

    Red and White bowl

    Slab moulded porcelain bowl with red and white sprayed undgerglaze, platinum luster.
  4. So excited My first regional entry and one of my submissions has been chosen.


  5. AndreaB

    Did I get it wrong

    Yes Babs, I'm a real idiot. I don't know how my train of thought got so wrong. I've seen vids where reglazing is done, but I don't think they were originally fired to cone 8. I was going to use the Amaco glazes and fire to cone 5. Since there is major crawling inside and one of the lids has cracked I think it is not even worth trying. I may just use one of them as a test at some stage just for curiosity.
  6. I use a chamios leather to stick bats to the wheel. My wheel does not have bat pins and throwing a pad is too much effort. The chamios works exceptionally well allowing easy removal and you never have to do the clay pad again
  7. I really need some help with the mixing of high fire glazes and medium. I have these 2 urns and my plan was to have a shiny white interior (stoneware 1200° C) interior with Amaco brush on on the outside, I've done the inside firing to 1200 with a 20min hold. My problem is that the interior has crawled badly so I thought I'd put crushed glass into it and refire, but having already fired to 1200 will the Amaco glazes actually work? TIA Andrea
  8. Hi, I have a couple of glazes made up and I want to be able to brush on as I'm having difficulty dipping. How so I do this? Many thanks Best regards Andrea
  9. AndreaB

    How can I fix a crazed pot

    Sorry my problem is brain as well as crawling lol
  10. Hi everyone, I did try and find a solution but only came up with how to change the glaze composition. I have two urn which I just fired and both have crazing. I checked thick6of the glaze and all seemed fine. It's stoneware fired to 1200°C with 20 min hold. I've had problems making these pieces and it's taken me 8 months due to health issues and trying different forms for the request. Can I refire and hope that the glaze will smooth out or touch up with glaze and refire? Solutions would be much appreciated. Many thanks Andrea
  11. AndreaB

    Critical firing temperatures

    Thank you so much for this information. A concise complete explanation of the firing process that I much needed.
  12. Hi everyone, Some help please. I'm trying to make spooze and can not find corn syrup. Can I use glucose instead? Many thanks Andrea
  13. Quick question. I have a bone dry piece that has a clean brake. Can I join using sodium silicate? TIA regards Andrea
  14. Hi, I want to make a slab of pop for wedging. How thick should the plaster be so that it doesn't crack? I want to make a wooden frame and fill with plaster. Thanks in advance. Have a good week Andrea
  15. AndreaB

    Making an Urn, Help

    Gaby, as long as you use a couple of sheets of newspaper the pipe will slide out easily and you don't leave the clay on the form until leather hard, just until it is firm enough to stand on its own. This way the clay hasn't shrunk right down against the pipe. Also by using the wrapping you don't have the clay pulling away and hanging if you know what I mean. Once I've wrapped the clay around the pipe and before wrapping the sheet around it, I smooth down the form, getting rid of any canvas marks. I really go to town with a soft rib and sponge. The advantage of the sheet is that it draws off a fair bit of the water I've used to smooth down the clay. Rolling the tube around on the canvas/sheet has the added advantage of compressing the clay. Hope this makes sense. None of the studios that I have been to has used thus method and in fact until I first did this I didn't have any success forming vessels.

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