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  1. Dale pots

    Crazy requests

    Did you tell him you'll send him a catalog of your complete toilets and color chart?
  2. Dale pots

    New Forum

    Why, how come, what for, & could I have my old forum back? Sorry to complain like an old man (I am) but all the current stuff was on one page without scrolling down, it was simple to just glance at. Once again sorry.
  3. Dale pots

    Studio Design Input?

    Pamela, which ever lighting system you choose you could add some extra ceiling elec. receptacles where you might add hanging light fixtures later on.
  4. Dale pots

    Aim Gas Kiln 2327G - Operating Manual

    Wilscotkap your 3/4" gas line would be undersized at 20', at 10' it would be a minimum. You need a 1' line.
  5. Dale pots

    Shimpo Rk 2 Vibrating

    If the pedal was pushed down & left that way while not in use it will put a flat spot on the cone. It may return to normal if it's not too old & hard. Other than that the belt could be separating, which could be hard to tell without removing it & turning it inside out (sort of speak). While the belt is off see if the motor pulley moves side to side with your hand (bearing), then turn it on & listen for a bearing. The worse thing is if the rubber suspension washers that hold the whole motor are wasted, they are integral with the bolts. Mine did that & I tried to work around that & never was the same. But it was 30 years old at the time. So I went out & bought a Rolls Royce (Brent). Lets hope yours is just a belt!
  6. Sounds like a short if your breaker is tripping, how does your pedal cord look & feel, any kinks or softer spots when you bend it around? Just another idea to check.
  7. You got me, and I thought you just made it up! Nice King, we sure don't get those in so cal, maybe I need to plant an apple tree.
  8. Haha I think you've been smoking some of that medical stuff or you better check your kiln vent! By the way when is unicorn season up there?
  9. Doris I would just do some sample stains on epoxy tests and also see if it fades over time.
  10. Dale pots

    Stuck Foot Control Wheel

    I don't know anything about this wheel but I would take the pedal assy. apart and see what makes it tick. Watch out for springs (boing)!
  11. Like Mark said you need a minimum #12 wire and that's if your distance isn't too long. Don't guess, electrical fires aren't good and you could be liable.
  12. Dale pots

    Overfired Gas Kiln Today

    I hope you get some special pieces and it didn't all turn out to be a bunch of sculptures. Just as important did you get the fuel pumps done? The tuna should be getting close to you up there!
  13. Dale pots

    Clay Bin Dolly

    Benzine doesn't your school have a metal shop that could do a project for you (or woodshop)?
  14. Dale pots

    breakfast set

    Hi Rebekah, I like this flattened off D shaped handle in your 3rd picture, is it as comfortable as it looks? Isn't it nice to see all your hard work pay off as your work has progressed, nice work! Dale
  15. Thats a good idea John, we could bring our spare wheel to the bar and make better use of our time! Brad you have a chance to give it a shot, then give it a shot, The'll probably start you out handbuilding and that is something you can continue at home when you can't make it to class. Have some fun!

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