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  1. Crunchy Raku

    My Seth's Luster recipe differs: Gerstley Borate 2000 Bone Ash 500 Copper Carb 250 Cobalt Carb 12.5 Tin Oxide 31.25 You are over a decibel point on the cobalt carb. AND I have bone ash down rather than Neph Syenite. Mix up my version (from who knows where?) and see if it works any better. Marcia I will try this version next time, thanks for the help! Lindsey
  2. Crunchy Raku

    I tried it again yesterday and the result was much better. I didn't let the pieces get to temp. before pulling them. Thanks for all of the help!
  3. Crunchy Raku

    The kiln is electric, is it possible that the temperature was reached to quickly? I've attached another picture of the pieces. -Lindsey
  4. Crunchy Raku

    The glaze bubbled up which makes me think that it just got to hot, I only dipped the pots once on each side and there was no bubbling or flaking prior to firing. Unfortunately the pyrometer is broken so I'm not sure what the temperature got to. I started making my own glazes this summer and haven't had an issue with any of the others, but they were all cone 6, not raku.
  5. Crunchy Raku

    I tried to raku fire for the first time today and the results were awful. I used the following glaze formula Seth Blue Luster 2000 gerstley borate 500 nepheline syenite 31 tin oxide 250 copper carbonate 125 cobalt carbonate So my question is was it the glaze? or Did the kiln get to hot?
  6. LB Pottery

    Some of my favorite personal pieces