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  1. OLD MAN

    Sir, thank you for sharing your creativeness. The abstract expressionism in your sculptures are great. It shows your love of art, the medium and dedications to true art. I love "Old Man". very expressive.
  2. Raku Tea pot with Lizard spout.

    Hello Barake, And thank you for your kind words. It is one of my early pottery/sculpture works. It is in the home of a private collector here in texas. The last sculpture I made was the Green alabaster at the end of this folder. Entitled, "Elf Boy, the wanderer". He too is in a private collection. My second stone sculpture. All in this folder were my learning experience in college. So thank you again. And I must say, after I visited your page, you have quite a gift. I love the expressions of your sculptures; excellent. They touch me. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Wildflower Bowl in Teal

    It's quite lovely. You have really branded your stile. Beautiful.
  4. Wildflower Bowl in Red

    Still beautiful work. I love the colors. they work well together. Is this Amaco Potters Choice on the inside? Very nice indeed.
  5. Quick Question: Sea Shells - Cone 6 - Which Type?

    Found this: http://www.pottery-magic.com/pottery/clay/low-shrink.htm There are pottery clay bodies that can be made that have almost no shrinkage. It is made from a large amount of talc mixed with a small percentage of standard clay. The result of this mixture is not all clay, it will act like plastic clay to a certain extent and can be worked in much the same way. Talc is magnesium silicate and when mixed with water has many of the properties of clay, but with little or no shrinkage. It is also highly resistant to thermal shock and can be fired in minutes instead of the usual hours. When mixing a low shrink body, you can use up to 90 percent talc. If you use any more than this, the body will lose its workability and firing strength. With the addition of 10 percent standard clay, the necessary chemistry for firing is retained. Low shrink clay should only be fired at low temperatures because talc loses its density at 2110Ëš F or 1100Ëš C and will collapse. When fired to a temperature of about 1900Ëš F or 1040Ëš C the clay will fuse and be almost as dense as porcelain. When talc is used in small amounts in clay, the talc acts as a refractory ingredient, giving good resistance to heat and thermal shock and making it and ideal addition to ovenware pottery. Clay with talc added are mainly used for commercial tile manufacturing because the clay can easily be rolled or pressed, will shrink little or not at all and will not warp when drying or firing. Talc is also much cheaper than clay and its low expansion rate makes for a good craze free glaze fit. IDK, but maybe with no shrinkage you could get the results you are looking for.
  6. Celadon

    Very nice. Can you add some close-ups, please? Nice form and fluting.
  7. IMG 0002

    Interesting texture. Please share some details.
  8. Bowl,plate & mug

    All so beautiful. I love the plate mostly. But these 3 forms work together well. Especially with the glaze. Well done.
  9. Hope everyone is having some good weather to work in. Stay Hydrated.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GiselleNo5


      Nice and overcast in the morning, afternoon will be sunny with a lovely breeze, around 80. Just gorgeous weather. :)

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Looks like we all had some good and bad times with the weather. But one thing that makes it all better is what we do with clay and glazes. Having a better day today everyone.

      Oh, and Giselle, please send everyone some of that lovely weather. You can send me the bill. ;)

    4. GiselleNo5


      Okay I'll do my best! :) :)

  10. Pkqw: Week 17

    4 4 3 2 I think #4 was a tricky question. I picked #2 because I have seen a friend of mine back in the days when I was in College. She applied it at the leather hard stage. But I think it can also be applied at the bisque and bone dry period. But IDK about wet clay. Maybe if it is not too wet. But hey, sometimes you gotta break the rules and try it out. I haven't, but I bet someone did. Could have interesting effects, maybe. Aw man, now I gotta make a engobe. Soon as the heat here in South Texas gives me a break.
  11. I would love to have a 3d ceramic printer. I have used my 3d printing for stamps, See my (Gallery pictures) http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/album/1372-untitled-album/. I know that there are 3D printing companies that can take your 3D rendering and make it in many different mediums like clay, bronze, steel, etc. Here a company I found, but haven't used . https://3d-printing-price.all3dp.com/?_ga=2.230998367.1368018211.1499733331-112697953.1499733331 I think by incorporating traditional pottery with 3D can only add to create uniqueness to a artistic piece. If I ever do use a 3D printing service I would make a form that makes a person wonder how I did that. I have ideas, just no money. awwwwwwww
  12. Google Yourself!

    Dame! I am all over the world. And I don't even have a passport.
  13. Blue Jar

    Blues just peeking out. So cool. Great form, gllaze and handle. What's Standard 630? The clay? Lagunna?
  14. Eggshell Jar

    Are you spraying? I have been dipping mine and the thin stay rusty and thick of drips get creamy. This is Eggshell, yes?
  15. chalice & paten

    Wow D, I like yours better than mine. Very nicely decorated and color scheme. Is the Strontium?

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