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  1. Translucent Procelain For Handbuilding ?

    i'll make sure to fill that out, still trying to figure out the website
  2. Translucent Procelain For Handbuilding ?

    That sounds really neat, do you have a pic of it?
  3. Translucent Procelain For Handbuilding ?

    Would the 6 grolleg be translucent, do you think?
  4. I am in search of a translucent clay body. It is my understanding that porcelain is the best (only) clay to achieve this. I am making luminaries with hard slabs. I was considering using Grolleg Kaolin and am researching Frost as an alternative. My main concern is a clay that lends itself to hard slab techniques. I'm also interested in firing at cone 10 or lower, preferably cone 6. Would firing a high fire porcelain at cone 6 affect the translucency, make it less translucent if fired lower than cone 10?