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  1. Kiln Not Responding

    We did check and cut away damaged wire. Is this what I should have done? Anything additional? Thanks!
  2. Kiln Not Responding

    Thank you everyone for the feedback and help! Problem solved! There was an old/loose wire inside the plug for the wall outlet that had done some minor melting of the plastic and was not connecting enough to carry power. We replaced the plug and the kiln is up and running again. Just glad it wasn't worse!
  3. Kiln Not Responding

    Thank you Ronfire and GEP. I will check on these.
  4. Kiln Not Responding

    @ High Bridge Pottery Okay. Thank you.
  5. Kiln Not Responding

    I was trying to turn it back on, to see if it would; since it cut off without timer or weight. The kiln is still hot, cut off around 2am. I have not opened it. It's still too hot. I am not trying to re-fire at the moment, just simply trying to see if the kiln was operable, since it shut off for no real reason. I have no idea why it turned off; seeing as the weight did not drop and the timer still had 3 hours left. I am just dumbfounded by the whole thing. I am waiting until it cools to check the inside. I'm sure I'll end up having to call a professional. Just wondered if anyone had ever had this happen to their kiln and what the issue may have been while I wait. Thanks!
  6. I fired (04) my kiln last night (Skutt KS Manual) and everything went fine. It did cut off at the appropriate time, BUT the sitter switch did not fall. (Which is weird.) The timer still had 3 hours left and the breaker was not blown. When I tried to test and see if the kiln could be turned back on this morning, it won't respond at all. No lights, no noise, nothing. I just put new elements in the kiln in the fall. I don't know a lot about the electrical or "how it works" of kilns, so anyone with ideas or advice will be a great help and much appreciated. Thank You!
  7. Glazing Issues

    Thanks for all the advice... epsom salt it is!
  8. I have been trying out different glazes for a while now and am having issues with some of them settling really quickly. Usually, I can only dip a couple pots before having to stir again or I see a significant difference in the pots glaze. Along with settling, they are extremely hard to mix back up - the glaze just cakes up on the bottom of the bucket. Any suggestions for making this process easier, other than a mixer and having to mix every few minutes...? Also, I have been looking for a tried and true simple white glaze to use. Any suggestions? I have tried a few Amaco glazes, but am having the above issues with them. Thanks!