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  1. Thank you all for your input. She has much to consider.... Stephen, can you tell me what nbsp is? Soory, like I said I really don't know much about the art world. Also, do you guys think that she could have a shot @ getting into Alfred as a grad student with a BA and a strong portfolio and internships, or would not having the BFA limit her options? Thank you!
  2. Hello again, I have always been given great feedback here and I would like to thank you all! I have another question to ask of you seasoned artists as I have no art experience and am trying to help my daughter make big decisions about college (she needs to decide by May 1st). D has narrowed her list down from 7 to 2. They are very different schools in very different settings. Interestingly, these are the 2 schools that she did not even want to visit because she did not think they would meet her needs. Alfred University - They have offered her 2 different portfolio scholarships that make it very affordable for her to attend. She did not initially want to look because of the location and the small size of the school. Once we visited she thought the campus was beautiful and the facilities and class offerings were top notch. She is however concerned about the rigor of the freshman foundations program, and very unhappy about the fact that she will not have the opportunity to take even 1 clay class during that first year (she is a clay freak). D also was unsure if she could be happy for 4 years in such a rural area, and was not sure about the social scene either. That being said, she was ready to commit to go as she thought she would be foolish to pass up such a generous offer from the top ranked ceramics program in the country. Eckerd College - Then, while on vacation in Florida last week we decided to check out the 1 Liberal Arts college on her list even though she was quite convinced that she wanted a BFA vs a BA. Surprise! She fell in love with the campus setting and told me that she felt as if she could be best friends with any one of the students that we met during our day there (this was the 1st time out of over 20 college visits that she felt so comfortable and connected). The staff was also very helpful. There was a glitch with the scheduling so she was not able to sit in on a clay class, but the department chair spent an hour with us. Then we were told that the Ceramics Professor was coming in on his day off to meet with us too! The Art Department itself is very small and not particularly well well appointed equipment wise, and there is only 1 Ceramics Professor. The school allows for much flexibility and she would be able to take many independent studies to get a higher level of art classes. She would be required to do a Sophomore and Senior Show, but would also have a more well rounded liberal arts education including and extensive international travel/service learning component. Now she is very torn and stressed to the max! Her heart tells her she would be much happier overall and blossom more as a human @ Eckerd, but her head tells her she would become a better artist @ half the price @ Alfred. She is also unsure how a BA would impact her ability to get into a strong MFA program. The Ceramics Professor is an Alfred Grad and told her he has had many students get into great programs and that he can help her tailor her program to basically get the BFA level classes in. Also, the school picks 20 Sophomores who show promise and want to become professors to be mentored by a professor towards that end for 2 years. We also feel St. Petersburg has more opportunities for internships. I personally think that if she wants to be a College Professor, a well rounded undergraduate education with a strong MFA program would serve her well, but I do not know the art world..... Your input is greatly appreciated, especially college profs and grad students!
  3. College Choices for Ceramics

    Thanks for the suggestions Denice, and congrats on your Gold Key! Fingers crossed for my D - we find out on March 15th!
  4. College Choices for Ceramics

    Thank you Marcia! I have another question too. D was told that there are 5 Ceramics undergrad and 3 grad majors in Ceramics @ RIT. Is that unusual to be so small? I think Syracuse told us there were about 20 Ceramic undergrads and a few grad students. We are headed out to Hartford today and will check there as well. I know Ceramics is not a popular major, so just wondering what is typical, and how do small #s impact the learning environment? Sorry to keep bothering you folks, but this is all new to me and I want to be able to give D as much knowledge as possible to help her decide which is right for her.
  5. College Choices for Ceramics

    Thanks Mark C and TJR! We will be visiting Alfred soon and be sure to explore the area as well. Does anyone know anything about the quality of the Ceramics programs at any of the other schools on her list?
  6. College Choices for Ceramics

    Thanks for the suggestions Marcia, but I was really hoping for any specific knowledge folks may have about the following schools that my Senior daughter has been accepted to already: - Alfred - University of Hartford - SUNY @ New Paltz - Rochester Institute of Technology - Syracuse University (waiting for acceptance info still) Thank you for any feedback!
  7. College Choices for Ceramics

    Thank you for your reply Stephen! She certainly is addicted to clay, and has a great work ethic to boot! Funny thing is, she didn't have any exposure to it until 2 years ago when she was put in a high school pottery class only because photograghy was full! Since that time she has wowed us all with her accomplishments. She recently found out that she has won Regional Gold Key Awards for 3 individual pieces and her portfolio, and 4 Silver Key Awards for 4 other pieces of pottery in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Contest. Now her gold medal works will be judged on the national level. This could mean some nice scholarship money on top of the great offers she has already recieved! She is on the train home from RIT right now and seems excited about what she has seen there. She will be doing an overnight with an Art student @ U of Hartford this week as well. We will be visiting Alfred next month (that is where her teacher went) but she really does feel like the school itself is too small and in a very rural area. It's hard to know what her focus will be in college, but right now she is really loving doing work that involved detailed carvings on it. I attached a couple of pics to show you. Sorry - proud mom:rolleyes: ! At this point she thinks she would like to teach Ceramics @ a College or High School but we know that may change too!
  8. Hello, I'm hoping that you cangive me any information you may have about a few college ceramics programs. I have read through all the school websites and googled profs, and we have visited all the schools except Alfred which we will visit in March. My daughter has been accepted @ the following schools: SUNY @ New Paltz, University of Hartford, Alfred University and RIT. She is waiting to hear from Syracuse (portfolio already accepted). I can't seem to find anything that ranks undergraduate Ceramics programs, only Art programs in general. She is very undecided, but does think that Alfred may be too rural for her liking. @ this point I am concerned about New Paltz as 1 of 2 of the Ceramics Professors left last month and it seems as if they are not refilling that spot. This makes me worry about the school's commitment to the program in light of NY's budget woes. I'm not asking for other school suggestions, just any thoughts on the one's listed above. Thank you in advance, any information I can give my daughter to help her decision is greatly appreciated! So, if $ was not the issue which would you suggest and why?
  9. Thank you! Does anyone know anything about the schools I mentioned above?
  10. My Ceramics instructor studied at Mass College of Art, which has a wonderful program. Not to mention Boston is lots of fun and a fairly safe, small but cultural city with an awesome art museum.
  11. Hello, My daughter is entering her Senior Year in HS and is planning to major in Ceramics. We live in upstate NY and she would like to stay within 5 hours of home. She does not want to be in a very rural area like Alfred. We have toured New Paltz, Nazareth, Rochester Institute of Technology, Syracuse, and plan to visit Skidmore within the next 2 weeks and may also tour University of Hartford. Any other suggestions? This is all new to me, so any suggestions would be helpful! Also, what specific ?'s should she be asking, and what is the difference between the BA and BFA when it comes time for applying to MFA programs? She seems more interested in a BFA. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!