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  1. working on leaf shapes today.

  2. Begging Bowls

    From the album My stuff

    A place to put your written intentions. An object to hold for meditation.

    © 2010

  3. My stuff

    Bits and pieces of what I like to do.
  4. Broken Bowls

    From the album My stuff

    This is part of my meditations in clay series. Make it, break it, choose the pieces you want to keep, and glue it together. Art in Action... keep the parts of your life you love and bind those things together.

    © 2010

  5. Covered jar - fish

    From the album My stuff

    I am starting a critter on a lid series.

    © 2011

  6. Rock platter

    From the album My stuff

    I love rocks. This slab platter was carved and then hand painted to look like rocks under water or a view of the ground from a small airplane. I used to love to go flying with my Dad in his 2 place plane.

    © 2011

  7. I'm a little teapot

    From the album My stuff

    A small thrown teapot that actually will pour water.

    © 2011

  8. Tiny pots

    From the album My stuff

    Sometimes I throw very small pots.

    © 2011

  9. I would take an Udu. I could tap out messages (drum). I could also carry water in it up to the hole in the side.
  10. I would be a functional very sculptural teapot. I would also have an amazing intricate carved design. As a perfect plus unlike every single coffee pot we have owned my spout would not drip.