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  1. Kirakat

    Building a raku kiln

    Hi Rex, Thanks for the info. Yes, I'm thinking on making one where the barrel lifts up. Funny you mention about saggar firings as that's one of the things I want to try. Regards Kirakat
  2. I was planning on building top-hat raku kiln using an oil drum as the frame,but then I wondered if I'd I'd be better off using mesh. The pros on using mesh (as I see them) is that it's lighter, and I'm wondering if it's less susceptible to rust. The reasoning is that with better ventilation the mesh won't trap moisture. The pros of the oil drum is that it's more robust and better performance? What are people's thoughts? Also, how many firings would you expect to get from a 10kg bottle of propane, roughly? Thanks Kirakat

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