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  1. MargaretK

    Primus-P Feldspar

    Thanks, I don't have the glaze calculation software, but would rather not publish this recipe online. But thanks for the tips. If you google Margaret Kunzler you can get my information on Siskiyou Arts Council webpage. Another question I have about possible changes in this glaze is the barium. Is there a big difference between Chinese barium and German Barium? Another possible problem is that I added a little chlorine bleach to the bucket because of growth of green slime. (Could this affect the glaze?) I'm going to run a bunch of tests. I will also try G-200 feldspar. Strangely enough, this matte glaze has become more melted with Custer. I'm thinking of removing some of the flux. Thanks again, Margaret
  2. MargaretK

    Primus-P Feldspar

    I used to use a potash feldspar from Mexico called Primus. Now it is no longer available and I've switched back to Custer, but it changed my main glaze and I'm having big problems with it (blistering). Does anyone know if it might still be available somewhere in the US? Or, which feldspar it would be best for me to use now?

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