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  1. Seeing Cones

    Cabako- It's not just the UV that you need to block, but also infrared light. Might want to heed the advice given here. Respectfully, Fred
  2. Cone 6 Albany Slip Recipes

    GreyBird_ Sent you a PM with some further information. Regards, Fred
  3. Cone 6 Albany Slip Recipes

    GreyBird- If you want the recipe that Oldlady provided to add up to 100%, the the recipe would read as follows: 78% Albany Slip 22% Colemanite I'll check my recipe database in my computer when I get home to see if I have any other ^6 recipes with Albany. No promises that I'll find any, but I'll check. Hope this helps. Regards, Fred
  4. Lowering Coe?

    JohnnyK- Coefficient of thermal expansion. The reversible expansion of a material as one heats it. Not to be confused with shrinkage, which is a "one time" event.
  5. Iron

    Antoinette- You might want to look at this from today's message from CeramicArtsDaily: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-glaze-recipes/glaze-chemistry-ceramic-glaze-recipes-2/techno-file-four-ways-to-red/?utm_source=WhatCountsEmail&utm_medium=CAN%20ListWarmUp-Day%2011_7-18-17_AM%20(21)&utm_campaign=Coming%20Soon%201 Don't know if the section on iron reds will help, but offered just the same. Regards, Fred
  6. Arm Loosening Exercises

    Sputty- Try food coloring with your brush. Practice your strokes directly on your pots. If you don't like them, they'll burn off. That way you're working on "your" forms and not someone else's. Regards, Fred
  7. Glazes Again

    RonSa and dhPotter- I think it may depend upon how current the analyses that you're using for each of the ingredients. Ron Roy enters a new analysis every time he orders his ingredients, and in the past kept the older ones dated in his files. You might want to check with Nerd about this. Regards, Fred
  8. Shimpo 21 Rk-10 Questions

    Jothamhung- The link to Shimpo below should answer most, if not all, your questions about the wheel. http://www.shimpoceramics.com/pdf/manuals/wheels/rk10super_manual.pdf Hope it helps. Fred
  9. What Is Ceramics, Is It Art?

    Marcia- Guess I didn't read deeply enough into my research. I had stopped on McLuhan's oft cited statement, which is as I used in my question to you. Upon your suggestion, I went back and found the following: From the Marshall McLuhan website: https://www.marshallmcluhan.com/common-questions/ "COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS (AND ANSWERS) Answers by Dr. Eric McLuhan, Marshall’'s eldest son Why is the title of the book “The medium is the massage†and not “The medium is the message� Actually, the title was a mistake. When the book came back from the typesetter’s, it had on the cover “Massage†as it still does. The title was supposed to have read “The Medium is the Message†but the typesetter had made an error. When Marshall saw the typo he exclaimed, “Leave it alone! It’s great, and right on target!†Now there are four possible readings for the last word of the title, all of them accurate: “Message†and “Mess Age,†“Massage†and “Mass Age.†Apologies for reacting without performing my due diligence, and thank you for the correction. I should know not to give "snap" commentary. Thank you for your correction, Marcia. Respectfully and humbled re-submitted, Fred
  10. What Is Ceramics, Is It Art?

    Marcia- I think you wanted to say "The Medium Is The Message", not The Massage. Fred
  11. RonSa- 100 pounds plaster to 70 pounds water for Pottery Plaster No. 1. I would say yes in order to obtain the strongest with the most absorption for that plaster. If you're using Hydrocal or something else check the US Gypsum website (https://www.usg.com) and search on the specific product(s) you're looking for. You might also want to check with Mark and others about which plaster they are using. Regards, Fred Sweet
  12. Thank you for your generous offer, Nerd! Wish I was still teaching in a formal setting so I could avail myself of this excellent resource. Highest regards, Fred
  13. Porcelain Survey

    Thanks, Nerd. Well worth the wait. Looks like you're having some nice successes. Fred
  14. Porcelain Survey

    Nerd- Been there too! Will await the battery replacement. Fred
  15. Using Slip Soaked Yarn

    Benzine- Thank you for the explanation. I understand your logic. Still, very nice work! How did the "utilitarian" piece fare? Fred