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  1. Fred Sweet

    Glazing on already glazed tiles

    Dutch- do a member search on Paul Lewing here in the forum. He is the author of China Paint and Overglazes, available at: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/the-paul-lewing-china-painting-collection/ You can also PM him from the forum. Regards, Fred
  2. Shouldn’t have any difference if you didn’t have other effects (i.e. metals or combustibles attached or in proximity).
  3. hantremmer- Even if it was a pot to be bisque fired, the person who did the stamping should be informed that their choice of stamp ink contains metallic oxide(s), assuming it was stamped prior to firing the piece. If it was stamped after the firing, and the ink contains no metal oxide(s), it may burn off in another firing. Try having it re-fired. After all, what do you have to lose? Regards, Fred
  4. Do you have the manual for your kiln? The link below is for the manual Duncan kilns (includes yours) from the Paragon kiln company, who were providing parts and service after Duncan was disbanded. https://www.paragonweb.com/files/manuals/LX_914_Duncan_Kiln_Owners_Manual.pdf Regards, Fred
  5. Fred Sweet

    Calcining Cobalt Carbonate

    Soren- Most body colors will develop their true intensity with the addition of a clear glaze. To get an idea of how it will look prior to glazing and firing the work put a drop of water on the surface. While it won’t be highly accurate, you will get an understanding of just how the glaze will influence the color development. Regards, Fred
  6. Fred Sweet

    Calcining Cobalt Carbonate

    Soren- Check Chris Campbell’s website: http://www.ccpottery.com/coloredclaylessons.html This is her colored clay tutorial/class page. You might find your answers there. She is often approachable via email, depending on her schedule. She is also a member of this forum and has a gallery here. Go to the main page and do a search on her name. Regards, Fred
  7. Fred Sweet

    Corn syrup

    Andrea- Use Karo syrup or any other cheap syrup. Regards, Fred
  8. Fred Sweet

    Lightweight Shelves

    LeeU- Am wondering if you meant “Corelite” shelves made by Cedar Heights instead of the “Cordierite” that you posted? The Corelite shelves are a hollow shelf. Mark C refers to these in the above post. This may be a reason you are not receiving the responses you hoped for. Regards, Fred
  9. Fred Sweet

    Working with Lusters

    sima- Palladium Metallic Luster is a less expensive silvery color than either true silver or platinum lusters. Should you be looking for a white metal appearance. Regards, Fred
  10. Pres- The only extruder (that I know of) that is commercially made on this side of the pond is the North Star Big Blue. Might be a little big for just handles. You might try screw-type cookie presses, or if there’s someone you know in the other side of the pond, have them look for wad boxes. Regards, Fred
  11. laf- Could you be thinking of Pete Pinnell? He has several musings on cups. Regards, Fred
  12. Fred Sweet

    glazes or underglaze ?

    I’m thinking four different underglazes with a clear over. Don’t see evidence of breaking glaze color on rims.
  13. Fred Sweet

    Glaze Ingredient Storage

    Look into dog food storage containers. Mine came with wheels. Regards, Fred
  14. Fred Sweet

    Old Alpine Conversion

    bw- You might also consider mounting a poece of metal flashing about an inch + from the gas line. You could put a bend in it so that it shields the gas line from both the burner and the kiln floor. Regards, Fred
  15. Marcia- Found the link below for a FaceBook group. Don’t know if it is the discussion group referred to above. https://m.facebook.com/groups/653663804761760/?ref=group_header&view=group Regards, Fred

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