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  1. Just gotten my studio, yeah! :)

  2. White Glaze

    Hi Thanks for the great tips, Stellaria. I must get myself a pinterest account. Sounds great! Also I love the concept at glazermixer, but since I live in Denmark (Europe), I properly have to mix my glazes by myself. The portage from The States is too expensive. Anyway, I don't mind mixing my glazes. I used to love the process of adjusting them, so I properly will again. It's just I have forgotten a lot, and I will surely return to this forum with more questions, when I really get started. Right now, I wonder, if the is a great online guide to ash glazes.
  3. White Glaze

    I am looking for a recipe for a white or light glaze. I will use it on dark clay, so I want an opaque glaze. Perhaps it should be an ash glaze. I want to burn at 1250C - cone 7 or 8. I just today got my new studio (for the first time in 15 years - hooray). Tomorrow I will order materials so a good answer is urgent - and very appreciated!