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    Making pottery, clay extruding, hand building with slabs, photography, writing, traveling, motorcycling
  1. This is interesting. The first thought, of course, is that the bumper sticker or t-shirt would be something affixed to the vehicle, or worn by, the POTTER. But, we've done that to death, haven't we? Thinking outside the pot, a little, I wonder if a bumper sticker for our ardent local SUPPORTERS and PATRONS would have more impact. Cliche' as it may seem, a sticker that says, "I (heart) my local potter" might help. I'd give them to my shops to enclose with my pieces when they sold them and I could give them to those who bought my work at shows. I'm not sure about t-shirts. Fact is, I've become desensitized to what's on them. Short of a giant f-bomb, I don't think there's anything on a shirt would catch my eye these days. Still, I'll do my part for the discussion and suggest this design for an attention-getting t-shirt or sticker: http://dl.dropbox.co...ter%20Promo.jpg Wishing you all good firings, Daryl in Idaho
  2. For me, there are many but I keep several of Kemper Tools K-23 clean up tools on hand. They're essential to the cutting and carving I do on clay. They get a little worn but they are easy to sharpen.
  3. You might be at a point in your career where you have made thousands of pieces or hundreds or dozens. Some of them wonderful and some of them, not so great. Is there one you love the most? Over the years I've made some pots that came out especially nice. Pots that I was extra proud to show. But, I have never been so attached to any of my pottery that I wouldn't sell it or give it away. Even the pieces I made when first learning to work with a pottery wheel don't hold that much significance to me anymore. I like having them in my shop but if they weren't there, others would go in their places. Daryl in Idaho
  4. Hmmm, looking for something witty here. I got nothin'. So, on a more analytical note, I'd guess the archeologist might see the incised lines on my work that look like mountains and conclude that mountains had a powerful influence on the potter. The archeologist would be correct.
  5. Daryl Baird

    Daryl Baird

    Ceramic work by Daryl E. Baird, Sagle, ID
  6. Make it Michaelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni for me. But, a week wouldn't be long enough. Still, how cool would it be that I could tell everyone who I met. I'd grab Sherman & Peabody and their Waback Machine. We'd go back to, say, 1535, and hang out in "Mike's studio. We'd both be 60 years old. Then I'd have him up to mine.

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