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  1. This may be the solution for many potters who sell, or groups of potters who sell, whether profit or non-profit? I would like to explore this subject more. I am a Principal member of a potter's group and we are wondering about our insurance plan for the studio, the users, equipment, sales events, etc. I am not certain this would pertain to us but it may.
  2. I worked for a few years in my own studio and taught myself a lot of techniques but find working in a group studio just as good for trading information and techniques. If there is a diversity of approach and style the exploration opportunities are huge but there is the concern that one may mirror the influences of other potters rather than develop their own voice. Admittedly, there is nothing that hasn't been done before but finding your own voice in this ancient craft is the trick. It is a fine balance between what you admire and what you express independently of that influence. Having a studio and a group connection is the ideal for me.
  3. Hi there fever potters!

    I work in cone 10 Tom Coleman Porcelain and a piece of my work, in the typical Korean style open jar with Korean celadon glaze and faint bamboo brushwork on glaze, was just acquired by a serious collector. It is a first for me as I have mainly sold at the Spring and Fall Fairs at Tucson Museum of Art where I do my pottery in the historic Romero House studios...

  4. I would love to work with Tom Coleman. I work in his cone 10 porcelain and use his slip recipe with good results. His approach to the clayI is much looser than mine and his relaxed style of design would enhance my own which tends to be too tight and disciplined. I have admired him for many years. Zuma
  5. Both. I think that clay affords more than just one purpose owing to its plastic character. I am a Libra, thus balance and more than one view is fun for me. I would be a sculptural vase with faces and forms from several views. The figures hold the flowers and fruits of the garden in the vase, and also provide a metaphor for the fruition of actions. Mary Anne Lisney
  6. Zuma

    Work from Ajijic

    This is in a class of it's own. I too make masks and use the Green Man as a subject with the sprigs and berries, etc. and do a good job of it but this is wonderful! Bravo! Mary Anne Lisney
  7. I would take my stoneware mask Spirit of Chochise", because it would provide me with an image that represents transformation, and survival against all odds. Good company too. LOL
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