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  2. Tileworks When I talked to Ryan of Glazemixer and asked about the Green Pooling Blue, he did not want to let me to have the contact. I understand not wanting to give me the email of the person who owns Green Pooling Blue, so I asked that he would send my email have the owner so I could contact the own. Could I use another vendor to mix the glaze and I would pay in the same way that Glazemixer took 10% fee for using the glaze recipe? We have a relationship with a vendor who mixes the glazes for us. We would not have the recipe, but only the glaze mixer would have the recipe. I use Green Pooling Blue on top of a white glaze. The result are beautiful!!! Thanks for thinking about this.
  3. To Tileworks you Post: Sorry, I'm not the sole owner of the recipe and I don't have permission to post it. If we had something else like glazemixer I think we could do what we were doing before, just selling it premixed without handing out the formula. I'm just happy to see that someone enjoyed the fruits of our labor :-) This is Argosworks who wanted these glazes. I am still looking for the two glazes. I talked to Ryan from Glazemixer and asked if he would send a note to the owner of the glazes to contact me so that I could buy the premixed glaze. Ryan refused to contact the owner of the glaze for me. Are you the owner of the glaze? Can I get a small sample of the premixed glaze and I would pay for the sample and shipping.
  4. Thank you, I have used Green Pooling Blue with Gloss White and have some interesting results. The Green Pooling Blue is a runny glaze. Here an example of the glazes together.
  5. Our studio has been using Glazemixer in the past and it is obvious to us that we cannot get our glaze from Glazemixer any more. We are now using another vender to mix our dry glazes. The problem we are having is that we do not have access to some of our favorite glazes - Green Pooling Blue and Mother of Pearl. Do anyone know how we can get these glazes and if we can get the recipe for them. Does anyone use the Hobart Cowles Fluid Blue-Green Glaze in the Cone 5-6 Glazes (pg 118)? If you have used it could you post a photo of it and give the type of clay. We would like to know the HC B-G is like Green Pooling Blue? Thanks for any help Ginny J Clay Artists at the Vineyard San Diego, CA
  6. Clay To Make Mortar And Pestle

    Hello all, Just an update on this project - It took me four times to get what I considered a successful piece that satisfied the client. In my first post I asked for suggestions on copying an Mexican folk pottery. There were four pieces that I made. The first one was too rough in the interior of the bowl. I glazed the inside with a white glaze. It had the pig parts and pig tail, but was not what I wanted. The second try was too small and didn't have the pig pieces because the weather was so hot and I was not quick enough to attach the pieces before the bowl was bone dry. I painted some pig parts, but not very interesting. I gave it to my client to use and promised to make another bowl. I make two more bowl and the fourth one was the best. So here are the photos of the final bowl. My client is from Oaxaca, Mexico and told me that the name for this style of bowl is called Molcajete, which she uses to make salsa. On the fourth bowl, I did not stick to the straight lines for the grooves, but let it be loose lines. I did sand down the inside which was not glazed to make a cleaner surface. Yes, I questioned it I should glaze inside, but the old bowl did not have a consistant glaze. Thank you to those who answered by early questions.
  7. Clay To Make Mortar And Pestle

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think the old one is earthenware. The thought of lead based paint makes me glad to make her a new one. I don't need to match the color, but she wants me to make a pig face on one side and the pig tail on the other side.
  8. I have been asked to copy a Mexican Mortar for a friend from Mexico. She has used it for making salsa and the mortar is cracked. I want to make is safe to use. The mortar is 8 inches across and 4 inches tall. What clay should I use to make it? I usually use B-Mix or Speckled Buff. She wants to have the same pattern on the inside as the old one. Thanks for any help. Ginny