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    Thanks! I tried something new with glazing where I use a wet sponge to rub through the dipped glazes and put clear over at the end, trying to figure out way to get variation in my glazing.
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    Looks to me that you have your voice dialed in.
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    Geeze louise! 
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    Golly dang that is gorgeous!
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    Very Nice!
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    The sqwoodfirecrackle2 is just gorgeous!
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    Love this one, especially! They are all so simple and elegant looking. Nice!!
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    lee, good use of shelves, you can add some in between by getting some metal rod and drywall or wood boards that are the length of the shelves you have.  insert the rods into the holes in the uprights as supports for the boards and you can double the shelving in the same number of square feet.  very useful for short items that otherwise would be stacked and harder to use.

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