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    In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing. Recently retired from 30 years in behavioral health services, just getting back to enjoying and making art. I have a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I recently completed setting up a small in-home studio.

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  1. Cool... Just for fun I turned to Wikipedia to set me straight on what Christmas, and "the Christmas season" is, is not, might be, or has evolved into. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas Given that Christmas and the season of Christmastide are undeniably and explicitly a Christian affair, however much celebrated by non-Christians throughout the ages, this challenge may become especially....well....challenging. Equally challenging to the thought process (mine, anyway) is the call for the creation of a symbolic piece, which inescapably involves introspection, belief systems, critical thinking, and art and cultural histories, at a minimum. Maybe even Jungian archetypes and the collective unconscious! I expect all manner of fun will be had researching accurate meanings of symbolic, symbol, and symbolism.
  2. PQotW: Week 26

    3-3-4-3 I have lost track---do the correct answers get posted here or somewhere else?
  3. Raku Question

    Although the image of somebody eating a bug is quite tempting, I am fairly sure I won't have much opportunity to do this again anytime soon. It is just a small demo for members of a potters guild -we can bring 2 pieces-and I have limited access to further raku firings. The smallest bag I could get was 25 lbs-and I make pretty small items! So I will make some "extra" pieces and hold on to them for a future opportunity, but will also use the leftover 04-06 raku clay in my next ^6 electric firing (thanks Marcia). Rae. I will be sure to notify you if bug-eating becomes a real possibility--I will want pics.
  4. Raku Question

    Well, as they say, there is no easier softer way!! I decided the experience is well worth getting a small bag of raku clay and doing a bisque fire. I think I knew about smoke/porosity in the back of my head, but glossed right over whole thermal shock process, which I also knew about, at least intellectually, and conveniently forgot, seeking that easier softer way LOL. Any recommendations for a simple clay for a 1 or 1 piece raku demo session? Also, can a raku clay body be used the same as a regular low fire body, in an electric firing with commercial low fire glazes (so I can use up the clay)? Thanks all.
  5. Raku Question

    Nope--I mean ^6 clay fired (unglazed) to ^6. I single fire to ^5 or 6 so I don't want to fill & fire a bisque load just to have one fairly small piece for this activity. I am thinking it should be just fine for this limited purpose. The demonstrator is supplying oxides and glaze we can use there.
  6. Can fired cone 6 stoneware serve as bisque ware for a raku demo atmosphere (if that's all you have and you get to bring 1 or 2 pieces)?
  7. Holy cannoli--miraculously appearing, right on the face page, there is now a button for the Gallery!! And it says "Gallery". What a concept---thank you "whoever". Seriously.
  8. Test

    And a fine representation of the testing it is!
  9. Wildflower Cream pitcher

    Gorgeous! Love your work.
  10. Hidden Mask Series

    Ongoing expression of "selfies" and other Selves.
  11. What I did to drag this pic here was reduce the size of the CAD window and pull up my photos file from my computer, in a reduced window so they were side-by-side. Then I was able to drag the pic into this window and it came up as a small image marked Uploaded, outside the text area. When I hit Submit, it inserted itself-quite large/huge-into the post. Then I held Ctrl and right-clicked on it to get to Edit Image and then was able to resize it. ^6 Cool Ice porcelain/blue rutile wash