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    In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing. Recently retired from 30 years in behavioral health services, just getting back to enjoying and making art. I have a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I recently completed setting up a small in-home studio.

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  1. I almost never post photos in the Gallery. It's been so long I actually forgot how to even find my place in it--Old Lady had to remind me. The awful-awful chore of having to resize every single daggone pic ... bummer. I spent hours (hours!) today resizing pics because I really would like to add them at some point. It did not feel productive--just an annoying time-drain. My wish for any update would be to upgrade to a normal photo program so we could just simply add pics, no muss, no fuss. Finally found "the banner"...duh.
  2. Huh???? What do you know that I don't know? You're scaring me!!
  3. Wow---a real live Dragon Head!! I've heard about them but never saw one until now!
  4. What's on my workbench? Nothing...becasue it's all in the kiln!! (Finally). Yee Haw. 

    1. glazenerd


      Is that a N.H. Yeehaw or a Texas Yeehaw? Trying to gauge your enthusiasm.

    2. LeeU


      Pilfered from my sister.  She says it all the time. We are fom New Jersey -both of us lived for years in NYC--both moved to Virginia at different times (survival-long story) and while she is still there, I am in NH. So, long story long, I have no clue where she got it from. If you catch me saying Howdy, I pilfered that one from my daughter. No connections to Texas. High enthusiam--breaking out of a bad spell...and...just cracked the lid and all is right with the world (tho it's mostly  only a bisque). :P

    3. JohnnyK


      Way to go, Lee! I could have said the same thing Monday, but I opened the kiln and now all 46 pots, bowls etc. are back on the workbench awaiting their destiny...;)

  5. LeeU

    White or Clear glaze

    A photo would also be helpful, to see form and mainly the texture. Diffferent colorations and tehniques work better on different types of textures.
  6. LeeU


    This is Coyote's mid-range Turquoise Matt. Appearance (my results, anyway) was the same at 05 as at 5, on stoneware-Bella's Blend multi-range).
  7. That is a great article. I remember discussing the "non-politics", yet politics, of Gropius and others in my first year of ceramics at VCU, where several of us were pressing for increasing the degree of global socio-economic and domination/oppression-related relevance of ceramists' work, as taught/discussed within the history of ceramics. Most instructors were well-educated in this and accomodated the interest we had. Here is a little bit on the ceramics of the Bauhaus workshop/studio http://bauhaus-keramik.de/en/bauhaustoepferei/
  8. I have no idea how to find anything by member name or album name in the Gallery, but if you can find me there, I have an album of pics for a studio set-up; a 12x14 space that has full studio functionality. Walking space is narrow but I can walk all around the glazing table to get to the sink, the clay, the drying shelves, the kiln loading shelves, the wedging/work surface table, the wheel and the supplies. The kiln is elsewhere (back porch) and there is no pug mill or extruder. Have fun---setting it up is a blast! Using it, even more so.
  9. This side will have a dug-out channel going around the sun. The piece is a spinoff from my Excavation series, and incorporates a Hidden Dragonfly when placed sunny side up. I was at the potters' guild reception for the Once Upon the Earth show and it pained me to have to deal with the fact that nobody could touch and handle my pieces. I handle and touch my pieces from the beginning of the process as though I were blind. Their heft and texture is half the point, as with this one that is on the workbench. 3/11 added pics after some carving
  10. A work in progress. Last piece for the anagam fire in April. Double sided whatchamacallit. It will get some carving & just a bit of weight reduction.
  11. Man in checkered shirt looking at one of MY bowls (shelf right) at the reception for the NHPG Once Upon the Earth exhibit. The photo is manipulated for a retro look. I was glad I went-I usually don't...just not my thing, but it was fun to watch people cruising my stuff.  


    1. Gabby


      I think it is great that you went.

      This way you can see very concretely whose day you made richer because you shared your work. 

  12. I put a bit of Bag Balm (kinda like Vaseline) on a cotton ball and lightly coated the metal press--which I think may be brass, not iron. I finally got a good impression today. Yes, I rub from the back! Not fooling with plaster, tho I know I "should". No picture of the best mother mold------I looked up and saw this---ran for the camera, which of course had the wrong lens on it...there were FOUR of 'em wandering through. I've lived here for 16 years and never seen this out my windows.
  13. Scored an old iron bacon press; want to make a mold so I can make trays. I found a good clay for the purpose (Si02) but I need a better first impression so when I bisque it and make the final mold I get enough detail, especially in the letters (it sez bacon press). The rough & quick tray is with a direct pressing, so the words are still reversed--it's just for some glaze testing.
  14. This lovely penguin was made by Liz Fletcher and I got it in a NH Potters' Guild pot swap. A good friend collects penguin stuff and I am reglazing it to make her a gift of it. The black was too thin in spots and there's a little chip on the beak that needs coverage. Hopefully, an 05 refire will do the trick. Yes, that's snow in the background.
  15. My kiln is sometimes too large for me to fill full if something is time sensitive. I've learned to do as Neil suggests--distribute the ware evenly, plus I'll add a few broken shelf pieces, or kiln brick, or even unglazed shards that I use for wasters/cookies. So far, so good, over the last two years of periodically doing these light loads. I have not seen any big difference in my electric bill, either.

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