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    In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing. Recently retired from 30 years in behavioral health services, just getting back to enjoying and making art. I have a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I recently completed setting up a small in-home studio.

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  1. Well, if you must know, I was filling a humidifier container from my utility sink, forgot to close the top off, tripped over my own feet, and--to keep myself from tipping over--quickly set the thing down on the clear edge of the glazing table so I could free my hand to catch my balance, where the unit wobbled over and crashed into the greenware, and then spilled water just to add insult to injury. That is the sad story. Oh well, no handmade Christmas candy dish for Aunt Ruthie.
  2. LeeU

    Paul Soldner Workshop

    The "docuphotos" are awesome! The glimpse into Soldner at work is way cool--must have been a great experience.
  3. LeeU

    cracks in cake plates

    Are these cake stands? Looks rather thick--is there a pedestal under there?
  4. Happy happy. Got the last of my backlogged stock inventoried and properly stored (means I can find it easily).  Only 6 months past my intended time frame-oh well, forward movement is forward movement and I'm not in a race, so I'll take it and just say thank you. :lol:  



  5. LeeU

    Ceramic coat hook

    I make thick and thicker and really thick stuff with porcelain, unglazed or clear glazed mostly, and even the thin curly edges I sometimes favor on things hold up very well (mine is ^6 Cool Ice). In fact, I think I just stole your idea!!
  6. Maybe search SPOOZE on this forum (or Google it) and try it. I use Peggy Herr's original recipe and it has always worked for me.
  7. LeeU

    Studio Photography

    Lovely mug! I use the smartphone camera, which is pretty decent actually, for my reference shots for my inventory spreadsheet. One thing I am excited about re: a larger camera is I'm getting the contemporary equivalent of a wired cable release-I have minor tremors and that, with the tripod of course, will make my life a lot easier. I don't know why "Deleted" is "done" but I'm glad he or she started a topic on studio photography.
  8. It seemed to me that as soon as I pressed for board expansion to include members-at-large, which is "optional" but very desirable in developing a board and strengthening an organization to engage members more, the interest seemed to cool off. I think it probably is done-maybe it'll keep limping along while a few make a valient effort to resurrect, but I am cynical more than optimistic in terms of this guild attaining more relevance within the larger ceramics community. . Neil found the right word-- "clubhouse" mentality. If the lack of accountability, initiated by the officers/board, doesn't change, it will remain primarily a nice group of potters who enjoy the bring-a-dish after the meeting. I asked several times if anyone was a member of the CAD forums? --uh, never heard of it. How about the Potters Attic? (discussing having a way to do classifieds). Uh, never heard of it. So.........we''ll see.
  9. So...."nonroyal" (been noodling dictionaries) seems to be a bit more than just "not a royal". Has something to do with British dukes & socioeconomic/political stuff back in the day. I can see that if taken as a personal challenge, designing pieces in clay using random words as the core could be a bit of fun. One of my favorite artists-not a clay person-is Jenny Holzer, the mistress of word usage in art! Good to know about the Google Drive limitation-I've seen the "mystery msg." before and just ran in the opposite direction.
  10. LeeU

    removing e6000?

    I gotta chuckle. I had an implant come out, post intact, crown intact. Didn't have a dentist-mine moved to Vermont a few years ago and I never replaced him So when the tooth came out I went to the nearest one; they wanted a forced consult plus a "starts at" fee that together would be a minimum of about $300. I am a poor person! So I went to my trusty 36000 and it lasted for well over 2 months w/just a couple of re-dos, until I could find a guy who didn't push the consult, the cleaning, the panaramas, the lecture to floss daily or anything else. He looked in my mouth, poked around a little, then recemented the thing for $150. He explained why the e6000 wouldn't do the trick (which I knew) and how the dental cement worked, and was really nice about it. Now I'm his new patient. I think just for fun the next time I'll bring in my lower partial wrapped in some duct tape and see how that goes.
  11. Just FYI--I hit the link and there was an error message popping up saying there is a problem with the link and suggesting alternatives. Might be just fine-I'm not sophisticated enough to know-so I never click further "alternatives" for downloads with things like that. Sounds like an interesting idea, though. Choosing a random dictionary word as a fire starter is kinda cool. Thanks. Welcome to the forums.
  12. LeeU


    I've been told I "must" do Instagram, and everything else, all bundled up as "fusion marketing". Nope-nada-ain't doin' it. Rabbit holes and worm holes, all of it. My interior self is already overloaded with curlycues and tangles, thank you very much. Besides, to do it right without hiring pricey services can become another P/T job, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! (Unless it's someone here who has it nailed and is willing to share LOL).
  13. @ Liam--I like the docent idea. ..thanks. I am hoping that a short & simple Survey Monkey will do good things-I know how to design engaging/valid ones & how to leverage the results. The time and travel issue is significant, plus the guild has clustered meetings in one area of the state and to move them around a bit, especially to engage the more northern tiers. (An aside-my daughter, an artist, was relocated from VA to Wanatchee and now to Kennewick (hubby's job) and she has SAD+anxiety, so--not caring for the weather so much right now.) @Arnold-unfortunately, enthusiasm/motivation don't go very far if those same people are just not able to follow through timely with essential procedures. It is fixable, probably, if the willingness is there and emerges with action attached. I have seen some sparks of interest lately from a few newer people--hope we can tap them. @GEP-There are 2 year terms-chair, vice chair, secr'y & treas. At this time the board is only 4 people. One of the chair/VC slots is opening up. Re: lots of people joining right before a major event--the problem is that the sudden inflation of census messes up the quorum/voting the way the bylaws are currently written. The guild is often violation of their own procedures, and there is no mechanism for members to vote who are not present at the (poorly attended) physical meetings or live out of state. So, after an influx, there is never a legitimate quorum, which gets ignored. I've provided a draft for bylaws revision with discussion points, and recommended including e-mail for voting, as well as requiring that the issues to be voted on be sent out, with proper descriptive text and a form for voting, to all members-- not just quickly raised and verbally discussed in the meeting and then voted on with a show of hands by a small percent of members. @Hulk "All about who and how they work together." Yep--therein lies the problem...and hopefully the solution! @ Stephen-most of the points in your 1st paragraph are well in place & it should not be hard to leverage for more effective marketing. I really like your 2nd paragraph suggestion-- that is how it is done in many other places, and I see no reason not to do it here. The kiln is in a beautiful location and the quality of work is quite high. @ Gabby--yes--board development is the key. I hope to be appointed to the board. I just turned down an officer nomination, because I want a seat as a member-at-large , to afford me the autonomy I would need to help guide effectively. @Pres--"Tough to bring back a failing guild." John B. warned me about this 2 years ago! There are up to 6 board seats that may be filled by members, appointed by the chair, and not a single member has been selected in at least the last 4 years. They're getting 1 more year out of me, then if it's not happening, I'm finally/really "letting it go". Appreciate all the input.
  14. I have no idea if this is the best forum for this topic or if it belongs in education (??) I am interested in other people's practical experiences and recommendations for strengthening a non-profit group of potters that appears to be declining in "relevance" . The predictable culprits are an embedded culture that resists change, a board that is too small to be effective (as is--that may change if it expands a bit), and a small membership base where many only join to be in an exhibit or access a kiln firing. Members who volunteer to do specific tasks frequently lack follow-through, and workshops have been cancelled due to lack of response. Simply getting a functional web site up took years of talking; it was finally done just last year (!) with less than 3 months of work. This may be the last go-round where a few dedicated people are still invested and motivated to try to turn it around. Standard development practices are already well-known and new leadership is likely to implement the basics over the next year. I am interested in hearing about any especially unique or creative approaches that may enhance the "Development 101" approach. Of special interest are strategies that might better engage and motivate the existing member base as well as attract new members and get their "buy-in" early on. Thanks in advance!

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