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  1. Happy happy. Got the last of my backlogged stock inventoried and properly stored (means I can find it easily).  Only 6 months past my intended time frame-oh well, forward movement is forward movement and I'm not in a race, so I'll take it and just say thank you. :lol:  



  2. Got half a kiln load. "Time to make the  donuts!" (I wonder how many members are too young to remember that fun commercial?)

    1. Min


      Never heard of it... I do remember "where's the beef" though.

      edit: I looked up the donuts commercial, don't think it aired in Canada because I'm definitely old enough to remember it if it did.

    2. GEP


      I say “time to make the donuts” to myself almost every day!

    3. Min


      Time to get back to glazing donuts :)

  3. Hi-I can't lift & carry much over 20 lbs. myself. When 50 lbs+ of clay shows up at my front door, I have to get it from the ground up the steps, up over a deep door lip, into the house, through the house, down steps, down another door drop of 3-4", and onto a back porch.  I bought a wheeled dolly-type gizmo called an UpCart---it smoothly goes up and down STAIRS! Rolls on specially configured  wheels--worth every penny, and it folds down flat and short.

    1. glazenerd


      Seems to be going around. Had a little accident earlier this year: can't lift more than 20-25lbs with my left arm without it going numb. Have not thrown anything since March. Hopefully it will heal up soon...by you have my empathy.

  4. Aarrgghhh...we only got a few weeks notice that the guild I belong to is doing a raku demo 10/28.  I just emptied my kiln and I do not have anything low fire to fill it with,  so I could bisque (required) a few raku pieces for the event.  I'm going to try to crank out a lot of ^5 and bisque that along with the raku clay. I don't want to pass up the opportunity.  

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    2. Benzine


      Careful, Raku is addictive...

      It's the gateway to other alternative firing methods.

    3. JohnnyK


      One of the great things about building your own Raku kiln is that you con make pots whenever you want and fire them whenever you want. As you have suggested, I have both ^5 building sessions and Raku building sessions, bisque firing them at the same time, and having the pots available to glaze and fire at any time. Hope you get your pieces made in time for the demo!

    4. LeeU


      My landlord has been wonderful about allowing me to install the electric kiln (closed in back porch) & a studio (was the bedroom) in my trailer, but there is not an inch of space to spare & I'm not permitted to do anything out in the yard.  I did get my pieces done though, & will bisque this week. 


  5. I am thrilled that I will have a worker bee coming next week to assist me with bringing my backlogged inventory current. I have forced myself stop making anything more until I get this done and all my remaining smalls are coded  for the web & stored in labeled drawers for easy access. Then I can get on with making some samples for a local shop keeper who is interested in a particular line.  

    1. glazenerd


      Good news indeed.

    2. lgusten


      How wonderful is this!!!!!!!  It will be great to be organized!!!

  6. Phooey...I went to pay for my shelf area for the anagama firing in October and it's full!! Next is spring or summer, but I'll probably cave and do the pieces in my L&L. 

    1. Gabby


      Sorry you missed this opportunity, but as you write, there are other firing options now, and you can be first in line for Spring.

  7. I'm into the last round of making pieces for the anagama firing in the fall. (I get in through public access to the Community Education Program, providing space available. This is the gorgeous large kiln that John Baymore built w/ NHIA students..it is such a rush to see it in action! )

  8. I put a few items from my recent fire in the Gallery. Happy happy. 

  9. Kiln is cooling under 300, but I'm going to bed now....so "Christmas " will come tomorrow morning

    1. Gabby


      So, where are the Christmas photos of the pots family?

    2. LeeU


      I took pics and lost the whole bunch. But the presents were pleasing. I'll get a few into the Gallery next week--I hate how long it takes to resize them just for this site so I don't post much there anymore. 


    3. Gabby


      I understand, Lee. I am actually completely inept at something like managing photos and admire those who can. I am so happy your load was pleasing.

  10. Well, it's got nuthin to do with ceramics, but  a big black bear just helped himself to the suet cakes hanging from my car port roof. He made a crushed wire mess of my pricey squirrel proof double cake suet hanger. I've been hanging suet for 8 years w/o being visited by a big fuzzy thief.  Guess I won't be putting that out anymore. Did I mention he was big? (And beautiful-a treat to see, truth be told).

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    2. lgusten


      Up on the porch is too close!!!  We occasionally have bears wander down....but it makes the news.  And the wildlife people are very good about getting the word out to not disturb the bears as they will wander back home.   Hopefully, your bear will wander back on the ridge.  You could put the feed on the ground....most of our birds will eat the seed the deer have spilled from the feeders.  

    3. LeeU


      I'll have to put my bear claws clay stamps to good use so I'm not clogging up the board with off-topic stuff! I'll make more biz card holders. There were 3  last nite--very unusual--mom  & 2 cubs--got in all the trash ready for pick up.  We're a single little street at the base of a small mountain, and near a big lake. The landlord called the fish & game guys--I think they encouraged them to go back home using the scent of dogs.  


      DT 1.jpg

    4. lgusten


      The bear stories are artistic inspiration.  We now have some fodder for our creative sides.  I have been working on a bear shape for my animal figures. 

  11. Yee haw----1843 and climbing--never gets old.

  12. I did get some help w/prep for this weekend's firing, which is about to be programmed. But I am still absolutely sold on getting lighter shelves!! 

    1. Gabby


      So glad you got some help while you save for those light shelves.

    2. Denice


      My husband helped me unload a glaze firing Sunday.   He said you need help with those heavy shelves.  I had loaded and unloaded a bisque and loaded the glaze firing this weekend by myself.  He just won't admit that it is exciting to unload a glaze firing.     Denice

  13. Started in on my first clay toy for a small event later this summer. Not so easy, but feels great to be back in the studio.

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    2. Roberta12


      Lee, I think that carving must be your super power!  Great shape!


    3. Gabby


      Beautiful turtle. Every Wednesday morning I start my day by greeting two very slow and peaceful Asian Brown Tortoises. Isn't the tortoise a good luck symbol?

    4. Denice


      Great turtle, if you decide you want to sell it in your on-line store you could make a press mold.   Use some paper clay to keep the weight down.    Denice

  14. I've been largly out of commission due to having my work table break and having to save up and wait for a new one to arrive. I got it today and it is great--5' instead of 4, and much stronger.  Yee haw! 

  15. Psyched...the NH Potters Guild (of which I am a member) is invited to participate in an August event at the Gallery at Well Sweep. They  want clay art specifically in the form of toys and musical instruments. I'm planning on 2 toys and a rattle. 

  16. I have made a section on my Pinterest Clay board on Kilns & Firing, specific to the anagama kiln that John Baymore "made happen" for the New Hampshire Intute of Art. Check it out https://www.pinterest.com/LeeUstinich/clay-kilns-and-firing/fushigigama-nhia-wonder-kiln-at-sharon-art-center-/

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Thanks for the link.

  17. P.S. You can link to my Pinterest from my website and I have many nice Clay boards. 

  18. Phooey--table top slab roller is "stuttering"--all bodies, all thicknesses.  Might be a broken sprocket. I hate having to take things apart and not being able to use something until I figure out what is wrong, how to fix it, and then do it, if I can.  

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    2. LeeU


      It's a Bailey...if I can't locate the problem I'll give them a call! 

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      I have had 2 Baileys, dual rollers. Is yours dual rollers?


    4. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      they have good tech support.


  19. May 1st is the "soft" launch of my online shop at Lee U Ceramics website. My store collections have enough items to "go live".  More to come, of course!  

    1. yappystudent


      More power to you LeeU. 

    2. Roberta12


      YOu have put a lot of work into that Lee!  Best of luck!


  20. I am befuddled. So, I am seeking input on the best ways to market and display items that are multi-purpose. Please go to Business, Marketing etc. to see my question in Web Site Bldg. etc. pg. 5. Thanks

  21. It is snowing hard for 2 days in the US NE and more tomorrow.  NH people trying to get to NCECA are facing cancelled and sold out flights--bummer. I'm not going-my good news is I got my computer back.


    1. oldlady


      stay warm, try to convince NCECA organizers to make its meeting later in the year.

    2. Pres


      Oh the weather is frightful, and some are saying that 2020, Richmond Virginia will be so delightful, but I can remember driving to Ashville, NC for the Randolph conference  in March with an inch of pebbly ice on the ground. The cold or the snow is easy to deal with compared to ice. I would love to have an early Spring that year!




  22. I am temporarily without my computer. Using the extra time to make a dent in my studio & office chores "to do" list. Not that it is of any interest or relevance to the Forums...I am just whining about cyber withdrawal. 

  23. Feeling good--encouragement is good---I made a comment, with some pics of a greenware vase, on my FB page, that I am going to do "before and after" shots of some pieces and got a bunch of positive feedback in PMs (these are people who know nothing about clay and know me or just like my posts). Made for a nice day.

  24. Hi--just curious about the traffic for your website--is it generating sales? Do you have any idea "why" or "how" you are getting so much traffic (i.e  well known reputation, strong base of existing customers & interested others, targeted SEO skills, links to you placed on other sites???)  I enjoyed your videos and text & photos of your gorgeous work, by the way.  Lee U

    1. Up in Smoke Pottery

      Up in Smoke Pottery

      Lee U, sorry for the delay , at the current time, I do not sell from the website, I really don't think the photos do the pieces justice and do not show the depth of the coloring and patterns.   I did set a store up for the workshop, but decided to invoice them instead.  It would not be hard to activate it for the pottery pieces if I decide to go that route.

      I am not a huge techie, just got lucky with the use of meta keywords which helped me show up in searches.  Now as I understand it, the more clicks I get, the higher ranking I receive from internet searches, which helps keep me there.  I do a little social media, mainly on FB that links back to the site and vice versa.  Everything I did was done by following help files and reading a couple books on website building/design.

      Thanks for your kind words about our site and work.  Ha...the videos are cheesy, but get watched and shared  a lot.  I do need to do an updated Obvara one, got to talk one of my boys into being the camera guy again.




    2. Up in Smoke Pottery

      Up in Smoke Pottery

      Lee U, also it doesn't hurt to have @Marcia Selsor mention you and your website in the latest article she is featured in. :D  We do get several hits from Europe.  Thanks Marcia!

  25. Just sent out my first "web site is live" notice. Maybe should not have, since the store is not active yet, but everything else is done and I figured I best begin to get it "out there". Feels good! Lot of work, but i did it all myself.


    1. Roberta12


      I am going right there now......I also want to know what you are doing about shipping.....that's my next hurdle.


    2. LeeU


      I am shipping at cost (pre-added into the prices) through the USPO, as I mostly have small pieces. I use repurposed materials to pack and send, not the pricey flat rate boxes. 



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