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    In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing. Recently retired from 30 years in behavioral health services, just getting back to enjoying and making art. I have a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I recently completed setting up a small in-home studio.

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  1. Working like a fiend to end up with bisqued pieces via my kiln, for two pending fires off-site. One is a raku demo and the other a wood fire in an anagama kiln.  I procrastinated committing and thus painted myself into a corner, since I'll have to make & dry a lot of stuff right quick to fill my kiln and make the deadlines. 

  2. Well this is the easiest one to answer, ever!! Reclaiming and wedging. Wedging and reclaiming. Oh, and maybe someone to code, measure, describe and enter inventory on the spreadsheet. And picking clay out of the MKM Hops roller-those tiny tiny little incised parts of the buds determinedly do not want to give up any clay--wet or dried-that has settled in and refuses to leave. And...
  3. @Tricetra -Definitely filled with symbolism, innuendo, and metaphoric implications, in addition to incense cones! He's so cute. Was your Mars in Moon or your Moon in Mars?
  4. Cool... Just for fun I turned to Wikipedia to set me straight on what Christmas, and "the Christmas season" is, is not, might be, or has evolved into. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas Given that Christmas and the season of Christmastide are undeniably and explicitly a Christian affair, however much celebrated by non-Christians throughout the ages, this challenge may become especially....well....challenging. Equally challenging to the thought process (mine, anyway) is the call for the creation of a symbolic piece, which inescapably involves introspection, belief systems, critical thinking, and art and cultural histories, at a minimum. Maybe even Jungian archetypes and the collective unconscious! I expect all manner of fun will be had researching accurate meanings of symbolic, symbol, and symbolism.
  5. PQotW: Week 26

    3-3-4-3 I have lost track---do the correct answers get posted here or somewhere else?
  6. Raku Question

    Although the image of somebody eating a bug is quite tempting, I am fairly sure I won't have much opportunity to do this again anytime soon. It is just a small demo for members of a potters guild -we can bring 2 pieces-and I have limited access to further raku firings. The smallest bag I could get was 25 lbs-and I make pretty small items! So I will make some "extra" pieces and hold on to them for a future opportunity, but will also use the leftover 04-06 raku clay in my next ^6 electric firing (thanks Marcia). Rae. I will be sure to notify you if bug-eating becomes a real possibility--I will want pics.
  7. Raku Question

    Well, as they say, there is no easier softer way!! I decided the experience is well worth getting a small bag of raku clay and doing a bisque fire. I think I knew about smoke/porosity in the back of my head, but glossed right over whole thermal shock process, which I also knew about, at least intellectually, and conveniently forgot, seeking that easier softer way LOL. Any recommendations for a simple clay for a 1 or 1 piece raku demo session? Also, can a raku clay body be used the same as a regular low fire body, in an electric firing with commercial low fire glazes (so I can use up the clay)? Thanks all. Update 9/25. Finally found my copy of Steven Branfman's wonderful book, Mastering Raku, which has all answers I need for this. I was positive I had included it in a batch of good ceramics books that I sold a few months ago, so I never even looked. Someone said something about falling in love with raku. I'm already falling for the clay body! And am thrilled to learn that it can indeed be fired in an electric kiln, in a raku process.
  8. Raku Question

    Nope--I mean ^6 clay fired (unglazed) to ^6. I single fire to ^5 or 6 so I don't want to fill & fire a bisque load just to have one fairly small piece for this activity. I am thinking it should be just fine for this limited purpose. The demonstrator is supplying oxides and glaze we can use there.
  9. Can fired cone 6 stoneware serve as bisque ware for a raku demo atmosphere (if that's all you have and you get to bring 1 or 2 pieces)?
  10. Holy cannoli--miraculously appearing, right on the face page, there is now a button for the Gallery!! And it says "Gallery". What a concept---thank you "whoever". Seriously.
  11. Test

    And a fine representation of the testing it is!
  12. Wildflower Cream pitcher

    Gorgeous! Love your work.
  13. Hidden Mask Series

    Ongoing expression of "selfies" and other Selves.