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    In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing. Recently retired from 30 years in behavioral health services, just getting back to enjoying and making art. I have a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I recently completed setting up a small in-home studio.

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  1. Well, being predominately into hand/slab work does not exempt one from hemorrhaging spendoolies. And I do have a wheel, a new Brent w/reverse that makes my life a joy even tho I am coming to terms with the true end of my throwing days (physical issues). I "invested" in myself more than "spent" money. (That's sly wordsmithing designed to ease the sticker shock of what my home studio cost-probably not fooling anyone, including me.) OK---it tallied roughly 12K for the full set-up, including all equipment, tables/shelving, slab roller, new EZ-fire L&L, electrical work, web site, wheel, plumbing, winterizing a large screen porch & converting a bedroom to a fully functional studio. Bought everything new--that was extremely important to me, for personal reasons, but I would strongly advise anyone else to utilize sites like Potters Attic etc, the thrift stores, local online garage sales etc. to amass most of the items on the cheap--it can be done, without sacrificing quality if you know what you're looking for & getting. I made my studio from new things, but 90% of the rest of my stuff for my daily life is highly frugal/thrift/stolen (found---I meant found). I am just breaking even on the annual materials/supplies/production supports/insurance/maintenance/overhead/fees etc., by the end of last year. Running about $2k a year for total operations.
  2. LeeU

    Firing Glass on Clay

    I must, for my personal mental and mindful stability, refrain from the exploration of many rabbit holes, most wormholes, and all holes that I dig myself into.
  3. LeeU

    All Things Spring with Colette Clark

    Hi-I went to the Bascom link, specifically looking for more info on the artist instructors--but could not find any. Probably in front of my nose, but...where do I find artist bios? Thanks.
  4. Oh well...I submitted two of my "Hidden Masks" (that reference domestic violence and suicide)  for a juried exhibit,  but got notice I was not accepted. Phooey. ..maybe shoulda gone with the bowls! 


    1. Roberta12


      Getting ready to submit to a small show as well.  A person just never knows.

    2. Gabby


      I think an artist needs sometimes to do this, make the courageous submission rather than playing it safe. A different venue might have taken them.

    3. glazenerd


      Your mask series is important: do not let it take a back seat to popularity.

  5. LeeU

    Glazed brick

    Google search will get you there, but the majority of pics are B&W, and Google images turns up copyrighted images. So I found this one on Pinterest-hope it's what you meant. BUT BEFORE I COULD UPLOAD IT..........liambesaw beat me to it ! Did it anyway LOL
  6. Snow day--working on turning the Meet Mr. Hammer bin (by the window) into shards for drainage in the bottom of pots, the inventory/photo task bins, set up for my helper to process, & green smalls, dry and ready to add to my pending bisque load.
  7. I was sure I had a pottery badge, so my nostalgia kicked in and I dragged out my Girl Scout sash fron the '50's-60's. Memory is a bit shot. See if you can find what I thought was pottery...hint...I finally remembered it was for basket making. Oh well! Gotta say, the old patches are way better looking than what they have today. If you get a copy of the new girl scout pottery badge, please post it-couldn't find it online. Hope you do provide the class-they will be very fortunate scouts!! I did a summer pottery class for an all-girls prep school/middle school years, when my daughter was there, and it was an absolute blast!
  8. Knew I'd find a repurpose for that antique Singer sewing machine one of these days!
  9. LeeU

    Glazed brick

    Interesting and informative (I'd forgotten about faience), & appreciated the link to the Russian Gzhel board. But, no, Lee will not be making brick!
  10. Ha....this one was made just for me! These are face-pressed. The white one is slip cast, the next is porcelain w/clear and Pallidium glaze, next is stoneware with granite dust , multiple firings, micro glitter & a bit of gold enamel (mounted in an open frame); the last was angama-fired. HMS is my Hidden Mask Series--a bit of self-absorption with therapeutic properties. The mask concept, using my own face, emerged in defiance of the ceramics instructor who told me "Art is not therapy" (no, art is spirituality in drag) and wanted me to quit because I was falling apart a bit at the time and I was arguing that I should be allowed to hand build if I didn't want to throw. Titled in order: Art Is; Two-faced Selfie; Assembling the Surviver, and; Emerging.
  11. LeeU

    Glazed brick

    Curious---would you be more specific about what the bricks are made of--ceramics, obviously, but what type of clay(s) or admixture is the ceramic material? Those blue and white decal images are gorgeous!
  12. I really like the Kemper hole cutter more than the brass ones. I also use various size bamboo skewers and knitting needles, depending on applicability.
  13. LeeU

    Glazed brick

    Welcome to the Communty Forum. Wow- have not seen bricks like these, with decals. How about a brief overview on the basics of how such bricks are made? I have no idea!!
  14. I draw on the Kraft paper that covers some of my work surfaces, and sometimes make sketches in a small drawing pad. Mostly I think & visualize. I take photos of some processes & all finished pieces. I don't like ceramic note-taking so I use the Pottery Logbook smart phone app. Most of what I make is not meant to be particularly congruent with repetition, standardization, nor for retail purposes, and I'm a low volume producer in any event. I used to sketch everything, do all the math etc. made sure that things fit that needed to fit, and worked as intended (i.e. spouts, fittings for bird bath etc.)--just don't, these days.
  15. Curious how the inside looks--is the interior bottom raised up with a hole for drainage?

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