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  1. To Dip Or Spray?

    I feel that I get a more even application spraying. I think I lose a lot of glaze by spraying. When I dip I get finger marks and try to fix them they never come out completely. Do you dip and pour or spray? Do you have a booth for spraying? Any recommendations?
  2. Connecting Vs. Procrastination

    Example of watermarked photo http://instagram.com/p/nYDfJfNfcO/ Step by step photo diagram for sharing photos http://instagram.com/p/nYEN8jtfdW/ 1. open InstaFrame 2. select frame I used the single photo frame 3. Crop and slick on text to add text 4. Click on Save 5. Click on Open in Instagram 6. Alter with filters in Instagram if you want 7. Click on Facebook 8. Click on share!
  3. Connecting Vs. Procrastination

    Things to remember about social media 1. Do not let Facebook or anyone else own your content or photos! Write a blog and then share the blog on your Facebook page. There should be a button in your blog dashboard to do this. 2. Watermark all photos shared on the Internet with your copyright or web address. It's easy to add text to a photo in the InstaFrame app and then share via Instagram and add on a Facebook share at the same time. 3. Pinterest is an idea place...so pin from your etsy page if you want to make sales. Again make sure to copyright designs and photos. Because although "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" it's also called being a copycat and taking $$$ out of my pocket. I personally think an artist should be able to come up with their own ideas and if making a similar product then give it their own twist so it is unique. 4. Make posts informative and fun. If you can swing it get an intern to do all of your social media at least once a week. Then it's less of a distraction from your work. The Intern will learn about social media, sales, tracking advertising, etc.. 5. Create events in Facebook for festivals and invite your repeat customers. Add photos of new work or your best seller. 6. Most important! Tell your followers, friends, and family to LIKE and SHARE. This expands your reach to potential customers. I have made sales because of Facebook shares. Ex. You have just unloaded your kiln and have lots of new artwork for sale. Get everything ready for your storefront / festival take photos, watermark and upload. Tell people where you will be selling your work and don't forget to tell them to LIKE AND SHARE! Do I always do all of these things no... I try to remember to do these things when sharing my work. The rules don't apply to kiln kitty updates. Lol! http://instagram.com/p/nX8cCdtfS1/
  4. Buying Mason Stains?

    At Southern Pottery in Baton Rouge LA. It's an hour drive. I was just hoping it could be found at a hardware store. Guess not? :-/
  5. Buying Mason Stains?

    I was hoping not to have to order online and wait etc... But thank you for the information.
  6. Buying Mason Stains?

    Do I have to buy mason stains online? Would any be sold at a hardware store or a home depot?