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  1. Thanks for all the info folks. I appreciate it.
  2. Fantastic. So it doesn't seem to make much of a difference! Wooo. Hoo! Thanks Min and Bruce.
  3. What type of food coloring and what color do people use? I need to dye a white glaze I use as the other glazes are also white, so it is tricky to tell how good the application is when I spray. I had read somewhere on here that people use food coloring, but no one said what brand or what colors work best without interfering with the glaze. Is this just a test and see what happens thing or is there not a common Walmart brand and color I can just go pickup?
  4. A stoneware cup.

    From the album Stoneware Pots

    Just took this out of the kiln from the firing yesterday. Pretty happy with this cup. It is pretty minimal but I like it a lot. Going in the cabinet.
  5. Cutting down trees from Irma. Mixing slip and some new glazes for highlights. Applying slips. Sunning my cups. Glazing tomorrow. Firing Monday! WOOO! Weee 

  6. @LeeU Sorry for the late reply. I had a brutal econometrics exam yesterday. Only three people(including me) finished before the time was up, lots of upset faces yesterday. Anyways I came home and passed out to mental exhaustion. We had another hour of lecture after the 2 hour exam. The custom stream in my instructions isn't time based. It will show all recent streams, and if you scroll to the bottom you can hit "load more activity" and it will keep bringing up older and older ones. I liked it this way so I could go back to slightly old streams and reply or see other peoples replies. Sort of like we had before. So it should show the same streams that were always there. The one you made originally might be resetting after you have viewed them. I am not sure. Mea's instructions on how to delete the stream is spot on and should work perfectly. But in case you need a screen shot of where that is here ya go: Open the stream you want to delete by going to that drop down. Then it will show up like this: Just hit the light red button in the middle. The one circled above. It will ask if you are sure and just hit Okay. That will remove any of the streams you don't like. But you have to do it for each one you want to get rid of. I will post a new status message so you can see if the one you made following my directions is working. You should see your message and mine and pres and other peoples from the past. If your still having problems let me know. I will be around today. Gotta cut down a few trees in the yard from the tropical storm.
  7. @High Bridge Pottery This is exactly how I type Joel! Good call. Explains my horrible spelling and grammar.
  8. I decided to go ahead and make a quick tutorial for adding status streams. These are exactly like the old ones, but much easier to read and respond to. The only difference is you have to go to your stream to see them instead of them being on the home page. The good news is reading them and responding to them is much easier. This tutorial is three steps and walks you through a different way of setting up streams. Step 1: Click the drop down button called My Activity Streams: You will see something like this. Click the big "CREATE NEW STREAM" button at the bottom. Step 2: This will open a page that looks like below. Name the stream "Status Updates". Then you only need to change two options which I have highlighted below: Step 3: At the bottom right corner you will see a button that says "Save Changes". I couldn't fit it in the screen shot, but its right below where this image cuts off on the right hand side. Step 4: You will now enjoy a feed that looks like this: It is big and beautiful and displays all the comments and updates and has much better formatting options. Enjoy! PM me if you have any problems and I will help as soon as I can. Pretty busy this weekend though. Also just a quick FYI. If you wanted to set one up for images, you can do the same thing, just instead of checking "Status Updates" on step two, select "Images" and name it something different like: Gallery Images
  9. @LeeU No idea what warnings are. I assume probably something to do with negative behavior bordering on a banning from forums. But that is just an assumption. However the community reputation is just when people "like" a post you made. It doesn't really mean much of anything. I just ignore it. The thing I liked about the old likes is it was a quick way of saying "Thanks, this helped me or what ever liked means to you at that moment." Currently it doesn't work that way because the author just doesn't know who liked it. Just that someone did. I assume this could be changed, but maybe it is this way for a reason. I have no idea.
  10. Glaze Gel Fix

    I wouldn't usually put bentonite in a glaze with gerstley borate in the future. The only exception is maybe if there is 0 clay and a low GB number. It doesn't usually need it. GB gels the mix so good that everything is always suspended well. But 13GB with 5 clay is not going to need bentonite. That being said I haven't mixed up this recipe and maybe it needed it, but look at it I don't really think it would. At this point you should probably add tiny bit of darvins or sodium silicate along with water. If you add to much water there is a chance you will over saturate the glaze and then it will just be useless until you let some of that water evaporate, and then you start getting into areas where it might be hard to replicate the consistency next time. So I would do something like add 1ml of darvins/ss and then mix. Then add a little water and mix. Keep doing this until the bucket doesn't instantly gel. They let it sit for an hour or two, then repeat again. I have no idea how big your batch of glaze is and if you have been keeping records of how much water you have added to this point, but its worth noting that everything good in ceramics and glaze mixing in particular is about accuracy when your starting out. Nothing is more frustrating then next time you mix this glaze it isn't the same and you liked it the first time. Good luck.
  11. Ditto what is said above. I still get black residue after 3 years.
  12. John your the boss man. I don't have any say in the manner. Move it wherever you want. I didn't know where to put it in the first place. I just figured people would want to know there was a way to get the old new content back to very similar as before. Glad it helped people.