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  1. Chicken Scratch

    The results are in. @glazenerd The first clay body mixture weighed: 25.50g before water and 25.77g after, so 1%. The second body mixture which is more porcelain than stoneware was 16.63g before(thinner tile) and 16.76g after, so less than 1% absorption. So I don't think the chicken grit, sand, and course grog had that much effect on the body porosity. I am going to put the tiles back in the water and weigh again tomorrow to see if it increases any. It makes me want to lean towards the darker tile 2 more, but I really like the more stoneware tile better. I think 1% is acceptable enough, considering who leaves their pots in water all night long fully submerged in a sealed container. lol. BlackDog, did you find any granite grit? I really can't wait to see what you do with it and that slip you formulated.
  2. I am not involved in any community. I just don't have the time. I was going to go be a part of a big community wood firing in Georgia, but my schedule didn't work out. I am sure there are great benefits to surrounding yourself with other potters. I tend to work alone though.
  3. Chicken Scratch

    Oldlady, that's a good idea. Leather for centering. I like it. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Chicken Scratch

    I throw with mostly slip/dryish so I don't even notice it except for when I am centering against the bat. Since I throw mostly off the hump nowadays I don't have to center against the bat much. When I do center against the bat I have just started using a sponge against the base of my hand on the left-hand side and it seems to work out okay. I definitely get exfoliated though! = ) I am mostly concerned with the absorption. I am testing that now, got my two tiles in water for 24 hours. Tomorrow I will report back on the absorption of adding the grit.
  5. Chicken Scratch

    As promised here are the results of my additions of chicken grit. I am pretty satisfied with them. These have no glaze as I wanted to see the surfaces. The tiles are for comparison of the mixtures of the clay bodies for myself, but I thought they were interesting to see visually. The close up of the vase shows how awesome the grit does at cracking the surface. I really like that. Thanks for the chicken grit idea.
  6. yunomi.jpg

    Getting closer. I have a lot of work to do still, aka a lifetime, but I know what I want from my work now.
  7. Crackle Blue .. Recipe Please

    Looking at Pieter's posted recipe I think that would do the trick. Run a currie grid on that base glaze and I am sure you will find the version you're looking for. That glaze looks like a glaze I discovered when I was testing for copper reduction. High boron and small amounts of copper yield these brilliant crackling blues.
  8. My idea of success has changed drastically over the past few months as I have been reading endlessly about experts in various fields who have different perspectives on what they do than most other experts in their field. The thing that I have gained most from reading those books is that I grossly underestimated the amount of time people spend doing average work day and day out until they reach their happenstance moment into a new thought process that is revolutionary. A lot of them are just normal people working through their lives like every other person, the difference is that when they have their happenstance moment they embrace it and can't stop thinking about it. Success to me is now doing what I do every day normally and just waiting for the happenstance moments to come. I have had plenty of them and almost all of them have been that exact thing, happenstance. I used to think that I needed to rush every moment and that if I wasn't working hard towards something I would never be an expert in my life. I have now reasoned that I don't need to work towards a specific future, but work in enjoyment and find moments and things in my work that I enjoy and focus on them, and that my unique future will come from my unique happenstances. Just finding ways to make life better at every moment is a success, and in doing this, no failures can happen because they are all learning moments.
  9. Chicken Scratch

    The shigaraki surfaces were awesome preta. I am going to try that if the chicken grit doesn't do what I had hoped.
  10. Chicken Scratch

    Well, I threw some pots today for the first time in a good 30-45 days. I added red sand, beach sand, chicken grit and course grog. I weighed my clay after I added the materials. It went from 2# to 2.5#. So I definitely added a lot of materials to it. I threw a few cups and some test stuff and I made a bunch of tiles. Throwing with the grit is interesting. I think my hands enjoyed the exfoliation. But if this is to continue I will need to start using sponges to center. I have done this before so it won't be a big deal. I really like how when I run a trimming tool over it on the wheel wet it peels back large gaps in the body of work. I can't wait to see how it shrinks and the grit cracks or start popping out. I don't know how long it will be until I get to fire it, but I will post results.
  11. Help, my kiln won't stop spinning.

    This is incredible. I wonder what the person who came up with the idea said when he thought about how to make it. "People are gonna say I'm crazy.... crazy brilliant."
  12. L&L Kiln - E22 & 26 Error Codes

    Thanks. You saved me a firing probably. I am glad to be up and running again as well. Thanks for your help good sir.
  13. L&L Kiln - E22 & 26 Error Codes

    Just for completion, I wanted to update the forum post for future people who have the same error. I installed my refurb genesis controller today and my TC's are reading fine. Although they seem a bit warm to me. 76F in my kiln apparently. I haven't adjusted anything yet as I will be doing the firings with cones to verify cone 6 and offsets like I did after element changes. I assume it will need similar offsets. I am pretty happy with the controller. It is much nicer being able to see the entire program in front of you when your building it. I also like the wifi and I am going to get the app installed on my phone and stuff. So overall I am pretty darn excited and glad my kiln is back in operation. I won't be firing much until it warms up though. Anywho, thanks to everyone for all your help.
  14. Competing Styles

    I think the main reason not to have competing styles is that you end up competing with yourself. I don't have experience selling in a booth but I do have experience shopping in them. The one thing I will say is that when I walk past a booth that I think is interesting enough to walk into, there is a key factor in me making a purchase. That factor is the limitation of my options. Give me too many options and I am indecisive, give me too little and I won't find anything I like, give me just the right amount with no distractions and I will make a purchase, usually with a decent price elasticity. If I walk into a booth it is because I liked something about the pots on display that drew me in. When I walk into the booth I should see more of the things that drew me in, not lots of different things and styles. The thing that draws people in is what they are looking for. When you walk past a candy store and they have windows full of delicious chocolates, how many times do you go in and buy something like ice cream? This applies to almost anything. It is the reason people usually try to match furniture or paint on the walls or just anything really. I am sure you have walked into a house that was completely chaotic, some people don't care but they are the minority of the human race. There is even a culture about it called Feng Shui(had to look it up). Random chaos drives people away. It is the reason you can look at a picture with a bunch of zebra and instantly find the one with the stripes going the wrong way. Our minds are made to see these conflicts and notice them as a danger. If you want an example of this. Go to a restaurant and turn a chair upside down on a table. Just wait and see how many people walk in who don't work there and take the chair down and put it like all the rest of them. People can't handle it. I used to do this type of stuff when I was a mischief-making teenager. My son who is 7 will walk by an aisle in the grocery store and fix a box of cereal because it isn't facing the same as the others. Some people are worse than others, but in general, we are all prone to this. I wasn't going to post here because I don't sell in booths, or much at all, but I didn't see anyone posting from the perspective of the buyer walking by. Which is most of my experience. Anywhoo. I should get back to work!

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