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  1. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    @neilestrick I misread your post earlier. So I should push the TC to the end of the tube and leave it touching? I mean I can hear it physically touching the end of the tube. I thought I read one of your post somewhere else that it shouldn't be touching the end of the tube. I am confused. Just want to confirm, right now it is not touching the end.
  2. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    It is definitely K type. I replaced it with another. I mean 16 dollars is pretty cheap for 2 TCs. Mine were not that brittle, thats crazy.
  3. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Yea. I think that was why my kiln has been overfiring recently. It has slowly gotten worse and worse. My elements were bad as well. They broke several times when I was taking them out. Gonna start replacing them a lot sooner I think. Maybe at 100 firings. I will also change TCs then I guess. The black metal was like that in both tubes, so double that amount shedding on pots. Who in the heck would put up with that. No way I wouldn't have a protection tube installed if that was happening!
  4. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    So. I love my L&L Kiln. Nothing like finishing in less than 2 hours. Changing elements and TCs was a breeeeeeze. @neilestrick just to confirm. I put the TCs in the tube, then loosened the screws that hold them in place. Then I pushed them all the way until they hit the end of the protection tube, then I pulled them back about 1/4''. That sound about right? Here is a picture of the new and TC with 290 firings. Also here is a video of what was inside of my protection tube. Both of them were like this.
  5. Changing elements and TCs. Then doing the element break-in firing while I clean my studio and mix some glaze. FUN DAY! 

    1. Joseph F

      Joseph F

      And finished about 30 minutes ago. Gotta love L&L. Making frenchfries to eat while my kiln breaks in! Yummm. Pictures going to the forum post about the TC's now.

  6. PQotW: Week 30

    This is probably the most diverse answer base I have seen yet! lol. Pres pushing boundaries here.
  7. The focus should be on ceramics. If you want to put politics in your work, by all means do it. But I have been a part of many forums over the years and ones that allowed any type of discussion that was off topic only led to angry mob mentality. Eventually the forum would die off as people didn't respond to peoples questions or problems they didn't like because of personal grudges. This led to less discussions, which led to less activity, and as you can imagine less posting. I am glad we only talk about ceramics, it makes CAD a better place.
  8. Genesis Controller

    My next kiln will definitely have this controller. The upgrade I want most is to know if something goes wrong with my kiln in the middle of a firing and it throws an alert to my phone. Sooo nice.
  9. PQotW: Week 30

    4 1 3 3 No idea. All guesses! What is this madness! Fun times.
  10. Reducing thermal conductivity

    I drink hot tea out of a cup without a handle. I do sort of what Mea said. I make a taller foot and I make the cup about 2-3oz bigger than the amount of liquid I plan to hold in it. Thus I can place the foot in the palm of my hand and my other hand's index/middle finger and thumb around the rim of the cup. I enjoy the experience of having to think about drinking my tea, it's neat thinking about what your doing. We consume things so quickly most of the time we don't even remember the act... Of course I am a nut job so maybe this isn't for everyone. So if you plan on making cups that are meant for holding 8oz, which is the amount of tea I like to drink in a cup, then make your cup for about 10oz, and have a decent foot so that you can easily place your hand there and not be worried about being burnt. My wife is exact opposite, she doesn't like drinking out of a cup without a handle. So to each their own. I test my cups and she test my mugs. Good system like all marriages should be! muahaha
  11. Punch it. Then fire it. Sometimes it looks cool! = )
  12. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Parts ordered. I will have some pictures in the next week or so.
  13. What a character. You can tell this guy is a failed artist ... i suppose. Also failing at life it seems like. Thanks for the awesome post and information. You have an awesome operation setup.
  14. A yunomi out of my kiln today.

    Thanks Tom! That's something I want in my work. I am getting it better and better each kiln load. Unfortunately I am going to be taking a winter break soon because I don't like working in the cold. So another month or two and I will put it all away for the three cold winter months.