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  1. celia12345678910

    your galleries

    Thanks for your interest Evelyn. Baked Potatoe Raku is a form of Naked Raku (no glaze on the pots). It is similar to Saggar firing, but the saggar is aluminum foil wraped around pottery (hence baked potatoe) that has been painted with a very cautic acid, ferric chloride. (used as an etchant for pc boards). You can add combustibles also (like saggar firing techniques) that leave marks on your pots. For lots more information and many galleries of work by other artists check out the group Naked Raku in Yahoo groups.
  2. celia12345678910

    your galleries

    Nice piece in you profile gallery. I'd like to know more about it. Jim Thank you Jim for asking, the piece in my gallery is about 9 inches wide and high. The vessel is wheel thrown, terra sig applied to bone dry greenware, burnished, bisqued, ferric chloride on the surface and baked potatoe Raku. The lid is wheel thrown with handbuilt, naked clay attachment, horse hair marks. I have been to several workshops presented by notable Naked Raku and Raku artists. Clay is my therapy and passion.
  3. celia12345678910

    your galleries

    I finally have a little time to read the posts in the communities, and I love that there are so many talented people in the group. I notice that when I view profiles it helps to visualize and TRY to solve problems if I can get an idea of what the final products you make look like. Please take advantage of the gallery benefits of your Ceramics Arts Daily accounts. This would be of good use for people that don't have web pages, and at least Ceramics Arts Daily participants can view your work. Never know, might work like free advertising!OH! I FORGOT! Please let me know when your update your gallery!
  4. celia12345678910


    If you live in a good sized city, I would look for a "paint your own ceramics shop". They would probably be willing to bisque your pieces for a small fee. Look for information about "NaKed Raku" and "Saggar firing", which you can also do in a pit, or garbage can with holes and loaded with wood/sawdust.
  5. celia12345678910


    I have seen empty paint cans you can buy, possibly you could find a used paint mixer and put your glazes in the paint cans just to mix, then add to your big containers?
  6. celia12345678910

    shamless self promotion

    thank you all for your kind comments. I will try to "jump into the fray" more often, though I usually stay on the sideline and try to "soak up" the inspiration the group offers.
  7. celia12345678910

    shamless self promotion

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd like to learn a little about YOU through your work! Got a website?
  8. get hoarse for horse! (hair pottery). When anyone comes to my booth and I can see which piece their interested in, i say, " oh! I see you are atttracted to ________________(fill in the blank). without taking a breath explain the process. Others usually stop by to listen. Be brief in your description, but be sure to mention: hot temperstures, out door kiln, tongs, post fire reduction, combustibles (horse hair, feathers, whatever you used to make marks) and porosity.
  9. Good morning all! I have only posted a few times, but take full advantage of the knowledge the group has to offer. I often wonder about appearances and personalities of the talented artists and craftsmen in our group. I recently (a few months ago), had a segment filmed about me and my art by my local public television station. I would like to invite you to meet me........... at Common Ground 413. You can google it.
  10. celia12345678910

    How to stop stamp sticking to clay

    toilet paper. if it sticks to the clays, it burns off in the bisque. Cheap too!
  11. celia12345678910

    some of my pots

  12. Josh. when I am playing with clay, quilting, painting and doing dishes, I read. Well, almost read. I listen to books on tape. I order on line from the library, pick them up from the book mobile which comes once a month. so i get a few. I have "read" almost everything at least once and our library was short of listening material and the librarian says she only gets about $1000 a year for new materials and cd books are from $65 to $130 each. I found a place online that sells used books on cd. I bought 17 (of the kind I like to read) for $110 and donated them to the library. (I tried just sitting down and reading a real book, but then I can't be IN my clay)

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