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  1. Check Your Tools

    Oh man how do you get a big piece of metal like that in your piece without noticing it while throwing or trimming! I too have worn through several trimming tools and I decided it's caused by a) cheap tools and trimming too dry. Since buying some good tools an being more careful about drying, I've seen leaps and bounds of improvement. It's really hard to trim with a dull tool and/dry clay. I thought I was just bad at that step, for the longest time! Now I don't have nearly as many problems. I mostly use Laguna b-mix and I too have had problems with "stuff" in my clay! Most recently it was a length of plastic cord. Like fishing line but much thicker. Ruined a nice pot I was working on! :/
  2. I have never really learned how to use washes. I take classes at a community college and I've seen some cool stuff come out of the kiln. When i asked how they got that effect, they said they brush on the oxide, then wipe it so it only stays in the texture. I have tried this several times on my pieces and can't seem to get it to stay in the texture. It all washes away when I wipe it. Is my texture not deep enough? Iron not thick enough? Wrong wiping tool (we just have sponges)? Too much water? Tried google but didn't find much.