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  1. Wheels: Shimpo Vl-Lite Or Bailey St

    thanks, all! that was helpful. pres, i looked at the thread you suggested and that was helpful as well.
  2. I finally have space to have my own little studio and am looking into purchasing a wheel. I have found a lot of information on the Shimpo Whisper (which sounds like a solid choice but I'm not sure I can swing the cost) but I cannot seem to find much on the Shimpo VL-Lite. It is very reasonably priced wheel with 1/2 HP and claims it can throw up to 25 pounds. I typically throw with small amounts and it is rare that I will go over 10 or 15 pounds. I am also looking at the Bailey ST. Seems like a solid choice, about $130 more. These wheels are both under $800, which is the range I am looking for. I used to have a Pacifica 400 and it had some issues that I could never get used to. That is the only other wheel close to this price range but I will not buy another Pacifica. I've been endlessly searching craigs list but finding it hard to find something used. Does anyone have thoughts on whether the Shimpo is good enough for my purposes? What about the Bailey ST? Thank you!