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    Buying A Gas Kiln

    Does anyone have any experience with Seattle Pottery's Crucible gas kilns? They will make to order. Another question I have is whether or not you should insulate the kiln shed? Pros and cons of having just a shed vs having a separate kiln room that is insulated. My plan is to have a room about 15 x 15 ft with a 5 x 7 ft garage door to the outside.
  2. Lisl

    Buying A Gas Kiln

    Thanks for all the input. The reason I was looking at a commercial kiln is the safety factor. If hand built kilns are just as safe and reliable, then I will have to rethink my options. Right now I am just a hobby potter - it is how I spend my days when kids are in school. I go to a local studio and work, but I am getting to the point where I want to have more control of things - like the clay I use, the glazes I use and the firing schedule. As far as welding, I come from a farm family - lots of welders available - my 13 yr old son even learned to weld last summer. I am planning on building a little studio, so at this point I can build to accommodate the equipment. If I build a kiln, where is the best place to get the bricks? I think I will have to make a trip to the Bray and pick some brains there also. Again, I appreciate everyone's comments. Please keep them coming. What a great resource this forum is.
  3. Lisl

    Buying A Gas Kiln

    If having a kiln built is not an option, what would people recommend? I live out of city limits with grass fields all around and neighbors not too close, but close enough if a fire got started - thus I am a bit paranoid on the safety aspects. Thanks for any and all comments.
  4. I have decided to take the leap and build my own studio. I want to put in a front load gas kiln and would like input. I searched the forums and unless I missed it, I couldn't find much on gas kilns, so forgive me if this topic has already been addressed. I have been looking at the Olympic DD12 and the Bailey Front Load Standard 18/12 and I have also talked to Seattle Pottery about their Crucible front load kiln. The Bailey is about twice the price of the Olympic and the Crucible. My plan is to have an attached shed on the studio in which to put the kiln. I live in Montana so it will need to be protected from the weather. I figured it would be better to decide on the kiln so I can know what size to make the shed - area and ceiling height. I would appreciate any thoughts, experiences and ideas. Thanks.

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