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  1. I do not do any raku. When i do pit firers i use 18" welding gloves and i have a few different types of tongs. I mostly use tongs to touch the pots, but sometimes i do grab them with my gloves. When you think about gloves your only going to be able to touch a pot for so long before the glove will need a cool off time that will be much longer than when you touched the pot. When you look at the materials don't forget about the flexibility when new and how much heat they will take over a prolonged period of time before the flexibility or heat protection starts to degrade.
  2. It depends on the ability of the person that's wanting the glaze. I would talk to each one and see what there needs are. If they ear your friend then you will end up having to get it to what they want in the long run and will be less stress to do it from the start.
  3. I love to do face jugs (watched my grandfather throw 1,000's of them when i was a child), anything that uses over 40 pounds of clay, and i love to do carved bowls that i fire upside down that slump in the kiln. I have just about finished my first firing in my anagama, i think it has around 100 face jugs, and 20 crocks that over 40 pounds each. Right now were at 2,218*F and i'm ready to open the door...
  4. Anti-Fatique Matts

    You might need one of the nice white cotes that tie in the back to help. Sorry, but they go with padded walls.
  5. In A Rut?

    My grandfather thought me to throw when i was 12, but he thought me more of the art side of pottery. When i was 15 my dad was running a production pottery business and i had to go work for him. I spent 19 years throwing production and did some art type stuff in my basement. When i get in a rut i see something and throw it a hundred times, because i have a block and can not vision something else to throw. I have a slide show of pots that i like set at about 30 seconds each so every time i look up it's something different.
  6. There are dual 8" by 8" clean out doors in the chimney. I thought about putting a tinny fire in the chimney. We started the fire before the sun was on the chimney and i think an hour of sun on the chimney would of done a lot of good. We were also loading up to start a pit firing (5' by 4' by 20') and was not paying a lot of attention to the kiln at the beginning. The firing time is something that's going to kill me the first few firings. No one wants to help until we can show what it will produce and I need to keep 2 potters in the studio when were open 3 days a week (large windows where people watch). Once we have a few good firings i plan to hire my brother (a thrower) and passably his wife (for prepping stock and for the shop) that will solve a lot of issues. I was thinking about using a weed burner as a long slow heat should help to drive out a lot of moisture most of the items will not be bisqued.
  7. Monday morning i lit the sucker up empty. A few of us switched off loading wood in it for 16 hours and got it up to 2,180 in the front and 1,950 in the back before we sealed it up. Today were glazing up all of our larger stuff and plan on loading part of Wednesday and Thursday so we can light it up first thing Monday. We had some draft issues for about the first 2 hours. I'm thinking about tossing a weed burner in the fire box on low the night before we fire it up. There calling for humidity to be below 55% for the next week and most of the stuff is green wear. I have butterflies, but at the same time I just want to get the first load done and over with.
  8. Anti-Fatique Matts

    I like this type the best. http://www.uline.com/BL_1782/Modular-Drainage-Mats I find the foam don't last long and a lot of the mats will lift at the edges so they become a trip issue or get slick with a spill.
  9. Anti-Fatique Matts

    A lot of people do not wear the correct type of shoe for there foot. Just because you are a 10 wide and you put on a 10 wide dose not mean the shoe fits. Different arch types and locations make a huge difference in what brand or what line in side of a brand to buy. Most cities have a place that can truly size your feet and get you in the right type of shoe for the work that you do. Shoes only last so long before they need to be replaced. You need to watch for the compounds of the shoe break down and replace as needed. Good mats do help and I have mats in some part of my shop.
  10. Darted Cups

    I thought dart cups were made from a slab. If you do ever throw one let me know i want to watch...
  11. Clay Firmness

    I truly think it's one of the down sides to using pre mixed clay is that you never know how dry it will be coming out of the box. I truly think the down side of mixing your own clay is that you never know how dry your clay is when it comes out of storage.
  12. Monday i did a large pit firing and a cookout as we worked on my wood kiln. I had emailed the dispatch center (911) that morning with an ETA start time of lighting the fire. Most of the time they call about an hour before the light up, but this time they did not so i called there non emergence number. About 30 minutes after the light up and i was on top of the kiln roof cutting a hole i see 3 fire trucks and no they did not come out to eat. A few weeks ago my wife left me an work order to glaze and fire 50 wine bottle chillers (the only account i have). Well she left the wrong glaze type on the work order. The look on the winery's owners face when i tried to drop them off was priceless. I'm just lucky i had 50 more that were bisque fired and were able to get them what they needed latter in the week. The list goes on and on, but i have not had any huge fails.
  13. Yes i was planing on doing a lot of glazed ware. I love to make a lot of large stuff, it's hard to fire in our electric kilns, and i can not keep it in our shop. When i was younger i was all for traveling. Now when i fly i get ear issues that don't go away for weeks and don't like to drive more than 400 miles in a day so i don't travel much any more.
  14. Yeah... I know. Sort of like "Big Pharma". best, ...........john I have to take 2 shots a month. It's only $7,000 a month without insurance. I tried about every other drug, but nothing worked. I was in Arita Japan for about 6 months. I have traveled around the world a lot spending a month or so at different places before my dad made me stop and work for him. I was a fly on the wall at the Leach pottery when they loaded, fired, and unloaded there kiln.
  15. The fire box is 4' by 6'. The work chamber is about 18' by 6' and starts off 5' 8" high and the last step is about 3' high. We dropped the fire box down 3' because I want to be able to get some firings with very low amounts of ash travel. It's a close copy of something work with in Japan in 1995 that fired for 52 hours. There is one in Alabama that has one that's all most identical to what i built that my grandfather helped fire a few times over the last few years that fires to cone 11 in 36 hours. Monday i should be getting the bracing delivered for the chimney and i still need to cut a hole in the roof and finish building out the height. This is my grandfathers build and i'm more or less just in for the ride and to do a ton of labor. I wanted to build a 3 chamber climbing kiln.