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  1. Mmpotter

    Corelite Shelves

    I'm sick about this . Unloading tomorrow. I'll take pictures. Thanks!
  2. Mmpotter

    Corelite Shelves

    I am storing them vertically.
  3. Mmpotter

    Corelite Shelves

    Thank you all for responding! I just cracked the door today. It's a car kiln. I could see that a couple on top cracked , no broke. I did not load it. I fired it. I will be unloading with my class Thursday. Then I can investigate further. They were out all winter but under cover. I'm in Colorado. :-). I'll let you all know what I see. I do know it went to cone 11.
  4. Help! Our Corelite shelves ( 1" X 18" X 18" ) cracked in half during firing. Not all just a couple. Cone 10 reduction. Anyone have this happen?

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