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  1. You can buy dog watering bowls that have a built in heater. Not expensive. BT W the Japanese use a kinda double bowl metal arrangement with a candle underneath.
  2. The reasoning behind the Oriental clockwise direction is historical, as I understand. Originally wheels were turned with a stick inserted into the actual wheel head (similar to some pictures I've seen from Africa) to initiate the spinning, the clay was put on for quick throwing and this process was repeated, so if you were to try to do this you would probably use your right hand and move the vertical, inserted stick and wheel head clockwise. I learned from a text book pictures and than a Japanese potter so I throw clockwise. Mark Peters ( I think I have tha name right, potter on YouTube and now with his own videos, appears to throw clockwise also. I like having my dominate hand ® inside the pot. It is tricky though to trim on a foam bat because your right hand has to cross over or you have to trim counterclockwise.
  3. Alas a couple of weeks ago we began noticing and now are overwhelmed by a sulfur-smelling stinky aroma when we open the glaze buckets. Nose to glaze surface does not smell meaning that you can sniff right around the glazes and can't identify one glaze that may be causing this. We are trying the "Clorox.". Why, how did this start and how,when can we stop it. Any further suggestions? Do we need to throw out all glazes, sanitize and start over? I've never run across this problem before. It's not so nice for our customers either although we making up lots of jstinky jokes too.
  4. We have access to 99% iron oxide through our closest supplier, however we find that 84% works better to get the best contrasts in our Temoku glaze. When looking at glaze formulas in texts and journals the percent content is usually not highlighted. We have found that Spanish RIO is not a direct substitution. I am just asking for clarification which iron is the best choice for trying out new glaze recipes. Thank you for any information about this question. V
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