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  1. New Here But Not To Pottery

    This is Lorraine again. On the kiln, it says "18 H" (or maybe it is an M, it is scratched so I can't tell for sure). We think it is a 1970,s.
  2. Hello, 35 years ago I took pottery in college & got a BFA. I loved pottery but after graduation, didn't know where to go. Recently I went to Craigslist & found a used wheel & a used kiln for $400 (I don't know anything about it but I believe the seller didn't know anything either & I got a steal.Can anyone tell me anything about them? The wheel says "Standard Ceramics" & below, is what I believe is a model number...4530022103.It,s 16 inches high & the 'bowl' is 5 inches. The table part is ceramic & the rest is metal. The motor is a Morse & says...7398275. The kiln is a "Sitter", model number LT3. Can anyone help me?