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    temp for opening kiln?

    Hi all... I have heard that opening the kiln between 200°F and 100°F is bad for the elements, causing them to wear out prematurely. Same for pulling the plugs or cracking the lid. Regardless if it's bisque or glaze. I can't find any data to back that up. I can understand the care for porcelain, as that material would need careful cooling. but if one is quickly fetching out pieces, not leaving the lid open, I fail to see the harm in opening the lid versus the life of the elements. In reading this thread, I see none has mentioned the elements even once. I can respect the concern (where I first heard it) they have about waiting to give the elements a good run for the money, but if its truly moot and has no impact on the elements, then it would be really nice to clear that up. Any one know? Thanks RG

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