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  1. Spraying Kiln Wash

    Thank you. Karen
  2. Spraying Kiln Wash

    Regarding "scoops" and "%" in these formulas, this is volume measurement - not like measuring out a glaze formula?
  3. The Magic Pedal

    I can call on the potentiometer tomorrow and settle this. I'm a newby to Sequim which is the driest area in western WA but we've had more than double average rainfall this winter and webs were starting to grow between my toes. Karen
  4. The Magic Pedal

    But no one has tried the replacement Magic Pedal? I've been drying out in AZ rather than working on the pedal issue. Maybe it would be worthwhile to keep the Pacifica for trimming and purchase another wheel for throwing. Was thinking of a Thomas Stuart with the SSX upgrade. Karen
  5. The Magic Pedal

    Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't thought of going for a repair. I'll have to see if there is someone who can do it around here. Karen
  6. The Magic Pedal

    I have an older Pacifica wheel and am having trouble with the pedal. I bought the wheel used seven years ago. From the start it would not run at a slow speed without holding the pedal down. If I remove my foot it lurches to fast. Yesterday I stopped the wheel, removed the bat and walked away... about thirty seconds later the wheelhead started spinning like mad on it's own. If the pot had been on the wheel it would have flown across the room. So I'm wondering if I should replace the pedal or just go for a whole new wheel. Pacifica makes a Magic Pedal conversion kit but it's expensive and I don't want to go this route if it isn't going to hold a slow speed when I take my foot off the pedal. Does anyone have experience with it? Karen
  7. Showy Clear Glaze

    First post for me although I've been a long time lurker. I have limited experience mixing glazes using school supplies but have never purchased my own. I'm wanting to try the Toomey transparent matte recipe from the Ceramics Monthly article. The recipe calls for silica but doesn't state what mesh size. I can get a 200 or 400. Can someone tease out why I should choose one over the other? Thanks in advance!