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  1. Thank you for this information..I have been looking an looking for the hours to fire my kiln an couldn't find anything..since Cones don't work in my old old kiln..no controls nothing just a peep hole. I used this kiln years ago an I thought I fihad red my glazes an bisque the same hours..so Now I will try your way 8hrs to bisque an 6 hrs to glaze..Wow all these these years I thought it took longer for glaze. I will try this..got nothing to lose..lol except my pottery..I was going to school where all they did was high fire but that ended so had to undust my old kiln an go low fire..Thank goodness they have glazes that look kinda like High fire.Thanks ALL for the information.
  2. Not sure I am in the right place..but here is my story I have a old kiln for over 40 years It is called Kiln Master made by Geo E Brown Sacramento..no longer around..since it doesn't have any controls you just plug it in an out..for low fireing I have just fired about 8 hrs.I haven't used it in about 10 years since I went to school where I did nothing but high fire. no class is gone an I want to fire those new glazes that look like high fire but am clueless..I got some cones since the...

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      You'd be better off posting this in "In the Studio" forum, not everyone sees the status updates. I only found them a week or so ago.