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  1. Newbie Needs Technical Help To Save Glazed Bowls

    Thank you all, I will vacuum the kiln for the school and refire that last one. Best wishes, Francis
  2. Newbie Needs Technical Help To Save Glazed Bowls

    Thank you for your help. Can you tell me about the re-firing, please? Is it at the same original temp? Should I scuff the area with a dremel first? Again, thanks as this is for a 2nd grade class and I am winging it along with the general art teacher. I could not find out how to attach pictures to this post, so I added a few more to the original post. Thank you, Francis
  3. Hi, I am in charge of a 2nd grade public school project. I had the children draw a picture of themselves on newsprint, then cut that out to use as a stencil. We glazed coop bowls. For the most part they turned out super cute. The Public school kiln was dirty, and some dust got into some of the glaze work. In one particular there was a big chunk. When I removed the chunk there is no glaze left. Is there any way to fix this? The first attached picture is of the troubled bowl. The second picture is of the divit. Also, one of my test pieces cracked... any way to save this? The 3rd picture is of the test bowl and the 4 picture is of the crack, showing that it does not go all the way through. Thank you in advance for your help.