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  1. Plinth Gallery is pleased to present a Steven Hill Workshop in Denver CO Date: Saturday and Sunday August 5-6, 2017 Time: 9am-5pm Cost: $225 Location: Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 www.plinthgallery.com To reserve your space: gallery@plinthgallery.com or call 303 295-0717 This workshop is already filling up fast so if you would be interested in learning from a master potter and decorator, this is a workshop to attend.
  2. Our exhibition schedule continues for October and November 2016 with the ceramics of Harris Deller. The artist holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from The Cranbrook Academy of Art and has a lengthy career as a university educator at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He is a recipient of a Fullbright Fellowship, an excellence in teaching award from the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts, and is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. His ceramic vessels have been widely exhibited and anthologized. Deller limits his visual vocabulary using primarily black pigment on white porcelain clay. Some recent work has more color inlayed on the suface in addition to his use of black. He makes vessels that he refers to “provocative contradictions.†Deller exploits the dimensional qualities by purposely minimizes depth, or that third dimension. Constructed from slabs of porcelain clay, they appear to contain a full volume but as the piece is fully viewed, we see that he has altered our perception by flattening the form, in what he refers to as â€abstracted forms with the third dimension suppressed in varying degrees.†There is also an anthropomorphic quality in his work that relates to “stance, gesture and stride.†These human references are derivative of ceramic terminology, such as the base of a vessel being a “foot, the top edge being a lip, and the surface embellishment often noted as “skin or clothing.†Human activity has historically included pottery making and in all cultures, has always been about containment, a necessity for preservation of essential foods and drink. Deller’s ceramic work continues the idea of containment. Plinth Gallery Curator Jonathan Kaplan views Harris Deller’s ceramic work as “a study of how formal elements are abstracted. His vessel forms suggest larger volumes but are dimensionally manipulated. His work is mature and extremely thoughtful. I am pleased to present Harris Deller’s ceramics to our Denver and Front Range audience. The gallery will be open for a reception with the artist on First Friday October 2, 2016 from 6pm-9pm and the exhibition will be on display through November 28, 2016. Please join us for this event, which is free and open to the public. Plinth Gallery is located in the River North Art District (www.rivernorthart.com).
  3. June 5-July 25, 2015 Plinth Gallery Denver CO. Juror-Heather Mae Erickson www.plinthgallery.com for details, application, dates
  4. Jury Smith’s ceramic sculpture is quiet and unassuming; she works with volume and color constructing large forms finished with a subdued glaze color pallet. Her attention to surface is minimal, based on observations within the physical world. The pieces dominate the exhibition space with a reserved presence.Smith uses her glazes as an image-making material, while still considering the glaze attributes of sheen and texture. In her “Grey Seriesâ€, she uses perspective by way of horizon or water lines, to activate a point of departure. Her “Color Series†uses colors to explore the interaction between color and function. When placed on a ceramic form, she sees these colors as more clearly revealing function. Jury Smith’s exhibition “white-out†will open at Plinth Gallery First Friday August 1 2014 from 6-9pm.The exhibition runs until September 26 2014
  5. Workshop at Plinth Gallery “Connecting the Dots - Hand-built Ceramics, Design and Construction†Lisa Pedolsky, ceramic artist April 6-7, 2013 On April 6-7, Lisa Pedolsky (Two Fish Studio, Durango, CO) will teach a two-day, hands-on workshop in the Plinth Gallery studio space. Using techniques similar to package design and dressmaking, Lisa will introduce a multi-layered approach to slab constructed functional ceramics. Participants will be guided through the process from initial drawings to pattern design using paper and roofing felt, to assembling components. Surface treatment, including the use of slip, sgraffito, appliqué, and unconventional tools to achieve visual and tactile depth will be demonstrated. Technical and aesthetic aspects will be considered while exploring forms including boxes, bowls, platters, teapots and cups. Participants will leave the workshop feeling competent in a number of forming methods. All levels welcome. Workshop Fee: $250.00 which includes most materials and lunch both days. One graduate credit is available through Adams State College. For more information and to register, email Plinth Gallery or call us at 303-295-0717. This workshop will fill early!
  6. Plinth Gallery in collaboration with The Boulder Pottery Lab is pleased to present Flashpoint-An International Wood Fire Exhibition. Juror John Balistreri has selected an exemplary collection of wood fired ceramics for this exhibition. The works for this show demonstrate a diversity of style by contemporary artists who continue to use this ancient tradition of firing their pottery. Exhibition opens with an artist reception and awards ceremony First Friday October 5, 2012 5pm-10pm Balistreri Winery will be serving a selection of their wines. A special wood kiln construction, firing, and demonstrations are scheduled for November 2-3 at Plinth Gallery to coincide with Denver Arts Week. For further details please check plinthgallery.com and Facebook for updated information Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd, Denver CO. 80216 303 295-0717 gallery@plinthgallery.com
  7. In August, Plinth Gallery welcomes ceramic artist Don Davis and his solo exhibition, “Transitionsâ€. Don Davis’ clay work is rooted in traditional pottery vessel forms with influences of ancient cultures and the natural world evident as his most important inspirations. Don allows his work to take its own unique contemporary direction. After working primarily in wheel-thrown porcelain for a number of years, Don Davis has transitioned to terracotta and hand-building. Terracotta is now his primary material of choice, perhaps due to time spent in Italy and a deepening interest in the ancient ceramic culture of the Mediterranean region. While much of Davis’ current work leans toward the sculptural, he still values and continues to make utilitarian pieces. Throwing small porcelain bowls inspired by the Song Dynasty is just as important to him as constructing large terracotta pieces inspired by ancient European architecture. Don states, “My ongoing dedication to clay work is due to an enduring love for the material and the processes of forming and firing it.†Don, who completed his MFA at Rhode Island School of Design, was a studio artist for over twenty years before he began teaching full-time at East Tennessee State University in 1999. Don has exhibited his work nationally and internationally, and his work is included in permanent collections of the Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina; the International Museum of Ceramics in Alfred, New York, N.C. State University, and the Shirakawa Public Hall in Shirakawa, Japan. He was awarded an invitational artist’s residency in 2005 at Studio Art Centers International in Florence Italy. Don is the author of the book, “Wheel Thrown Ceramics†and his work appears in many other publications as well as a series of instructional videos. Don Davis, who is just recently returning from Italy, joins us at Plinth Gallery on First Friday, August 3, for an artist reception from 6-9pm. On August 4th and 5th, Don will instruct a two-day hands-on workshop, demonstrating both wheel thrown and hand built forming methods. Cost is $200/person which includes all materials and lunch. Interested persons should contact the Gallery for more information. “Transitions†will be on display through September 29th. For further information refer to the Gallery website www.plinthgallery.com or call (303) 295-0717. Plinth Gallery is located in the River North Art District (www.rivernorthart.com).
  8. Plinth Gallery and The Boulder Pottery Lab Present "Flash Point-An International Wood Fire Exhibition" October 5-December 1, 2012. Juror John Balestreri Entry Fee $30 for up to 3 entries Important Dates • Deadline to receive submissions August 3, 2012 • Juror Selection and artist notification August 31, 2012 • Work to Arrive at Plinth Gallery September 21, 2012 • Exhibition Opening October 5, 2012 Complete exhibition information, prospectus, and entry form www.plinthgallery.com
  9. Plinth Gallery is pleased to present a 2 day workshop with Don Davis. Don will demonstrate both wheel thrown and hand built forming methods. Discussion will focus on many areas of ceramics including clay choices related to form, wild materials, the improvisation, the challenge of throwing thick or thin, surface treatments, and firing methods, and finally, staying open to new possibilities while exercising personal choices toward your desired results. Don Davis is the author of “Wheel Thrown Ceramics†published by Lark Books. Registration fee is $200 per student, includes most materials, as well as a fully catered lunch provided by Fuel Cafe for both days of the workshop. Please call or email the gallery for more information and to register for this highly instructive workshop. Graduate college credit is available through Adams State College. Plinth Gallery (303) 295-0717 gallery@plinthgallery.com
  10. Denver, CO, March 2-24 2012 "Gestation: New ceramic work by Elizabeth Robinson" Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 www.plinthgallery.com 303 295-0717 Denver, CO, April 6-29, 2012 "New Work: Wood fired ceramics by Jason Hess" Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 www.plinthgallery.com 303 295-0717 Denver CO April 7 2012 Workshop with Jason Hess Jason will demonstrate his construction techniques for teapots and tall bottle forms. Please call the gallery for more information and to register for this highly instructive workshop. Graduate college credit is available through Adams State College. Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 Denver, CO, May 4-26, 2012 "Compatible Visions: Farraday Newsome and Jeff Reich" Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 www.plinthgallery.com 303 295-0717 Denver, CO, May 5-6, 2012 2 Day Hands-on Workshop with Farraday Newsome and Jeff Reich (www.indigostreet pottery.com) Farraday will present a gallery talk as well as a participatory workshop with her innovative majolica painting techniques and terra cotta handbuilding. Jeff will present a gallery talk and lecture on his glaze surfaces and sculpture construction. Please call the gallery for more information and to register for this highly instructive workshop. Graduate college credit is available through Adams State College. Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 www.plinthgallery.com 303 295-0717 Denver, CO, June 1-July 28, 2012 "New Ceramic Work: Neil Patterson and Sandi Pierantozzi" Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 www.plinthgallery.com 303 295-0717 Denver, CO, June 2-3, 2012 2 Day Hands on Workshop with Sandi Pierantozzi Sandi Pierantozzi will teach a 2 day participatory workshop at the gallery presenting her innovative approach to form and surface. This weekend workshop will focus on using slabs, texturing the surface, and then by altering them through techniques such as darting, creating interesting and innovative forms. Please call the gallery for more information and to register for this highly instructive workshop. Graduate college credit is available through Adams State College.
  11. Plinth Gallery is pleased to present a two workshop with guest artist Kristin Keiffer. This workshop will focus on altering wheel-thrown (or hand-built) forms a little and a lot. These forms will then be embellished with an array of decoration techniques from stamping and slip-trailing to sponging and resists. The result can be functional or sculptural, minimal or extravagant. You will leave the workshop with a collection of new skills and the confidence to play and draw from your own influences. Demonstrations include throwing, altering and building off the wheel, darting, slip-decorating, stamp-making and stamping. We will discuss aesthetics and proportion, timing in clay, idea-generation, and progressing one’s own work with learned techniques.The workshop will also include PowerPoint presentation of her work (past and current) plus influences,demonstrations of various surface decoration technique, demonstrations of altering thrown forms and building, discussions about timing, maintaining a sketch/idea book and idea-generation. Kristin will be exhibiting at Plinth Gallery from October 7-29 with a Gallery Opening on First Friday October 7 6-9pm The workshop dates are Saturday and Sunday, October 8-9, 10am-5pm Cost is $250 for the two day workshop and includes a fully catered lunch from Denver's Fuel Cafe. This workshop is filling up quickly and we have a few spaces left. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a host of new ideas that you can bring to your work! Call the gallery at 303 295-0717 or email gallery@plinthgallery.com Don't miss this great opportunity!!!!
  12. Junya Shao:Contemporary Yixing August 5-September 24,2011 Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 (303)295-0717 www.plinthgallery.com Plinth Gallery is pleased to present new works by contemporary Yixing artist Junya Shao. This is the first time that a collection of Yixing work will be exhibited in Denver. Shao,who divides her time between China and Phoenix, will present a two day workshop at Plinth Gallery September 17-19. Registration is limited. For further information, contact gallery@plinthgallery.com
  13. Plinth Gallery and Anderson Ranch:A Ceramic Collaboration June 3 - July 30 Plinth Gallery 3520 Brighton Blvd Denver CO 80216 303 295-0717 www.plinthgallery.com This exhibition showcases the diversity of contemporary ceramics, both functional and sculptural, that are exceptional in concept and execution, and completed within the last year.

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