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  1. AlexCeramics

    Coyote glaze - Black crawl

    I had forgotten I asked this question, but figured I'd report back with my findings a year and a half later. This is in a Cone 6 electric kiln. This might be more obvious to some than others, but what I ended up doing was just painting black underglaze from Amaco right over the Coyote Black Crawl. I painted it on thin pretty much right after the black crawl dried, but before it really started to crack (The black crawl cracks as it dries to achieve the effect). It came out nice and black! This also works with other colors of underglaze as well.
  2. Wow! Amazing! How do they create sound?
  3. Hi has anyone used th coyote glaze Black Crawl? I was wondering if it ever came out truly black. In my tests, it was more if a dark brownish/greenish gray. It was blackish, i suppose, but wasn't sure if it was capable of being truly black. Thanks.

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