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  1. The Peace Heard Project

    Yes Diane please share as much as possible. To Paul, yes the sculpture needs to be life size full body. The timeline for the project is open. I expect this to be a 10-15 year project or even a lifetime project. I am estimating needing 10-40 sculptures before I can get the land committed, so the temp location might be a longer commitment unless we get a good number or artists committed quickly. The website will be updated as soon as the artists submit their information. Shipping costs will be determined by the level of funding we get.
  2. Nceca 2014 Milwaukee

    Cannot wait till March. Been promoting my disscussion group http://www.galleryforrent.com/PeaceHeard/Peace_Heard/DescriptionNCECA2.pdf the link above is the flyer I've been editing, to get folks to the event. Come to my discussion group Friday March 21st at 5:00pm at the 2014 NCECA conference. Wisconsin Center Ballroom D, 400 W. Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53203 till then.. ~Geof
  3. The Peace Heard Project

    Hi, Geoffrey Nicastro here: I will be conducting a discussion group at this years' NCECA conference regarding "The Peace Heard Project" I am looking to involve as many schools and artists as possible. All figure artists using any permenant medium should know that they can be a part of this project, The finished product “The Peace Heard Project†will be a massive collaborative sculpture over a five-acre site installed in a large field where a flyover will reveal an image of a peace dove. The paths around it will be lighted to make the image of the dove visible at night. The permanent site will grow over time, with the goal of matching the number of soldiers found in Xi’an, eight thousand or more. As artists submit pieces, paths will add to the size of the aerial dove image. Can you commit to building a sculpture for this project? Please print the document behind this link http://www.galleryforrent.com/PeaceHeard/Peace_Heard/DescriptionNCECA2.pdf or read more @ www.PeaceHeard.org This project becomes real as we create it. Looking forward to meeting some of you at NCECA this year, and hearing about your inductees for The Peace Heard Project. DescriptionNCECA2.pdf DescriptionNCECA2.pdf