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  1. Thank you so much its exactly what my student wanted I would imagine a flat surface would work best. Loved both links - thank you.
  2. Hi I have a small pottery studio and have a student who wants to decorate their ware using bubbles blown through a straw. I would imagine you would add a little soapy water to a small amount of coloured (very runny) slip - then blow air through it with a straw to agitate the surface and place your bisque over those bubbles - Has anyone tried this - do you have a link to a site I could follow or do you have any suggestions? Regards Terry
  3. Terry

    firing scheudle

    I have a very old kiln with same knobs - the knobs have numbers on them like a stove knob - 1 to 6. the one knob heats up the elements at the top of the kiln and the next knob heats up the elements in the middle and the last knob the elements at the bottom (its easy to check if yours do the same - just put them on one at a time and without touching your elements - just keep you hand close enough to feel the heat) I know, for instance, that my middle elements are the hottest so my middle knob I keep on number behind the other two so for a bisque (and I use a cone sitter to let me know when i've reached temperature) I start all 3 knobs off at number 3 for 3 hours then once that 3 hours is up I turn the top and bottom element knobs up to 4 for an hour and then all three up one notch for 3 hours if after the 7th hour it has not reached temp I turn the middle knob up to match the top and bottom elements knobs for the last hour that should take you to temp quickly enough Hope this helps - good luck terry
  4. trying to make sense of all my lost time!!

  5. the only thing I would like to add is I sprinkle some plaster - what is Plaster?
  6. Terry

    Cleaning Practices

    My studio is 50m from the Indian Ocean and gets pretty dirty on a daily basis just from the sea air. I have a cleaner who comes once a week and wipes EVERYTHING down - its essential. As far as the dust from the clay is concerned - my studio floor is paved with brick pavers painted white with road paint, so I just put the hose in every now and again to clean. My cleaner wipes the wedging tables and I have vinyl cloth - turned upside down - which covers my work surfaces - which we just put into the shorebreak now and gain for cleaning. But I have to agree a messy studio is hard to be inspired in (for me).
  7. Wow - so stunning - I love your space and am amazed at how little you need. Is the "Can Crusher" attached to your wall - a kind of hand worked pug mill? Please could you take a closer pic of that so I can see how it was made, if it is a pug mill without air compression. Regards

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