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  1. G200 In Ohata Glaze

    Thanks for all your ideas. That gives me some things to work with. However - It isn't the firing. I've fired both the old bend G200 and 200HP with minspar side-by-side in same kiln and see the difference. I'm using the same talc. I know that mixing 70/30 G200HP/minspar is supposed to be the same as the old G200, but is isn't. I'm almost wondering if there's a particle size difference. I'll be contacting Axner for the old blend, and you can bet I'll buy a LOT of it. Thanks for the warning that G200HP will be discontinued, too.
  2. G200 In Ohata Glaze

    I've used this ^10 Ohata recipe for years. G-200 43.4 whiting 6.5 Talc 5.7 EPK 5.7 bone ash 9 flint 19.5 iron 9.7 I've made the change from the old G200 and I don't like it. I've tried both Custer and the G200HP/minspar combination. They look about the same as each other, but not the old Ohata. The new formulation isn't nearly as bright and firey as before; more of a purple tone than orange. Has anyone else noticed this and tried to formulate it back to its old look? If anyone else has been working on it, I'd just as soon not start from scratch. Or, could someone suggest where I might start with a reformulation.