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  1. Help! Miss Clay.. Hands Developing Scales, Allergy Eczema ?

    Wow ! The amount of wealth, cant thank you all individually but consider a really grateful vibe coming your way for all the insights. I am typing with the cotton gloves that I put on after slathering on A&D. I love my dermatologists and md's but hardly any are functional doctors where I live and rather than looking at the main cause I usually get the advice: Stay away from clay... just apply this steroid.. I was diagnosed with Zinc deficiency and have run out of my supplement about a month ago.. phew.. reordering today. Same with fish oil and vitamin d I have been neglectful. I have severe cracked heels as well what I have been told is that my psoriasis is coming out in a different way and all they gave are some lactic or uric acid to slough off the skin to stop buildup which in turn leads to cracks. The biggest project I was commissioned with was making race medals for a regatta which encompassede 540 hand built medals.. it was painful to tell the least and I did use a different clay body along white eartenware - low fire.. and also used another different clay for a class I was taking - 900- the cone 10 one. In addition to that like a stupid person when my hands were already semi irritated I proceeded by mixing the glaze bucket without gloves ( !@#$!! to myself) as the instructor was doing it that way I usually wear long gloves. Lesson learned.. guess I am sensitive and have to take extra care. Will shop for those gloves from costco. Thank you so much... I am in awe on all the responses I got to help me.. will pay back! triagain - looking like minnie mouse with white gloves lol..
  2. Hi all, I just came out of my biggest project however my hands are a mess to the point where I cannot touch clay now for 2 weeks at least. I have parts that are very itchy, scaly painful and cracking.. is this eczema? I did have psoriasis when I was a kid but it has been gone since then. I have been using otc cortizone, eczema creams along with aquafor.. but it is persistent. I had gotten some amount of irritation in same areas before but overnight application of aquaphor or neosporin with a band aid took care of it usually. How can I get rid of these and apparently I need to be proactive in the future. Thanks in advance!
  3. How To Provide An Invoice ?

    Hi All, So I landed my first big(relative of course) commissioned project and they are asking for an invoice. Since my sales have been mostly to friends and family and small amount this never was an issue. How can I give an invoice since I do not have a business? I did purchase an invoice book from walmart.. do I just fill it out and give to them? When I looked into this online.. I saw that what I am doing can be considered Hobby .. if I document the expenses since the total revenue is relatively minimal. So would you recommend me using the invoice from Walmart or just giving an email with the summary of the sale. Thanks in advance!