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  1. I have an opportunity to sell some mugs to be used in a local coffee shop. However I am unsure how much to charge per mug. I know what my retail price is for the mug, but do I charge them retail or wholesale prices? Is wholesale typically 50% of the retail price? Also, do they need to pay sales tax if I sell them at wholesale? I also have a local brewery interested in purchasing mugs for a "Mug Club". I have the same questions as above. Somehow I see this as possibly being different from the coffee shop. The coffee shop buys them direct for use for whoever gets a cup of coffee. But the Mug Club users actually purchase an individual mug (through a brewery "club" membership) that is kept at the bar and used for the same individual each time they come in. I'm I wrong in thinking this is a different pricing situation? Thanks!
  2. Recently there was a poll about favorite pottery books that folks would recommend. I am wondering what pottery DVD's folks would recommend. Does anyone have any favorite DVD's they've learned from?