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  1. Pug mill

    Hey Mark! Thanks for the suggestions on my pug mill problems. I cleaned the clay from the barrel as you suggested and left it off, then listened with a stethescope for the screeching sound which seemed to be located near the housing with the grease zert. I took the zert apart to see if it was clean because the grease from the gun would not enter the housing. It was clean but the grease still wouldn't enter the housing. I pulled the washers back on the shaft, the ones that keep the grease in the housing from coming out, and exposed the opening in the housing around the shaft. After cleaning out around the shaft I packed in as much grease as I could and also used a foam lubricant around both sides where the shaft went though the housing. At first, when I turned on the mill, it started making the same sound, but after a bit the sound lessened and finally disappeared. Much to my relief!! I attached the barrel again and noticed that there was a little play in the shaft when I wiggled it from the end. Maybe the bearing in the housing was damaged? Anyway, when I tried pugging some clay there was just a gentle purr from the mill and no problem in pugging plently of clay to make three or four pieces. Thanks for your help and quick response to my query. Norman (and yes, nails don't belong in a pug mill )
  2. Pug mill

    i have a blue bird 440 that is over 20 years old. today it started making a screeching noise when i started to pug some clay. i immediately turned off the mill, disconnected the electric and cleaned out the barrel, thinking that was the problem. i did find a bent nail inside the screw mechanism but when i turned on the mill without the barrel there was still the screeching sound coming from the area where the grease zert is located. i tried lubricating with a grease gun but to no avail. i am afraid the bearing is shot but don't how to replace it. can anyone offer any advice?